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Santa Clarita Slip and Fall Accidents

Occasionally accidents happen. This is an unfortunate reality of life, and you may find yourself injured in Santa Clarita by no fault of your own. The world is a dangerous place in some cases because people fail to take reasonable care to protect others from harm. The law puts a duty onto individuals to act in a way that is safe and reasonable. For instance, if they own a store and invite customers inside to do business, then they must keep their floors safe, dry, and free of encumbrances. The same is true of sidewalks in some instances. If you happen to slip and fall, then a good lawyer might be able to help protect your rights.

Who is to blame?

If you fall and hurt yourself, you might think that you are entirely to blame. After all, if you stayed on your feet, then you’d be alright. While it may be true that you could have done more, it is usually true in these situations that someone else did something wrong to contribute to your fall. The first thing that a good lawyer will help with is determining who is at fault in your slip and fall accident. It might be the city or county where you live, as they failed to take care of their sidewalks. It might be a business that failed to put up proper signage when they had a wet floor. Whatever the case, it is important to figure out who is to blame so that you can pursue your legal rights.

What is negligence?

If you find yourself in one of these situations, then you’ll likely become very familiar with the term “negligence.” As a legal concept, this is the term that describes when a person fails to act with reasonable care in a given situation. You are negligent when you drink and drive. You’re negligent when you carelessly crash your car into a group full of orphans. These are extreme situations, of course, and you don’t need to intentionally do anything wrong in order to be found negligent. A person is negligent if they operate a business and fail to take care of dangerous conditions when they have a reasonable notice of those conditions. Simply put, if you are going to interact with the outside world, then you must take care and do your part not to create conditions that are dangerous for other people.

Filing a lawsuit

A good lawyer will be able to help you figure out whether you have a legal claim. Not every slip and fall situation will bring about the possibility of a lawsuit. In some cases, no person is at fault for the accident. A good lawyer can help you assess whether the responsible party did something wrong, and more importantly, whether you stand to gain anything from filing a lawsuit. In some cases, the party responsible for your injuries might be one with a hefty insurance policy that will pay out. In other cases, the person or people responsible may have few or no assets that you can tap into. It’s important to assess this information so that you can know which way to proceed.

Claiming damages for your injuries

When you’re hurt in a slip and fall accident, Santa Clarita slip and fall lawyers can help you figure out exactly how you’ve been damaged. Some damages are easy to calculate. For instance, your medical bills can be accounted for without too much trouble. What about your lost time at work, though? What about the pain and suffering that you went through during your injury? These are all things that can ultimately be claimed as damages if you have a good attorney. The goal of the legal system is to make people whole when they’ve been through tough situations. This can mean claiming more than just the medical bills that you accrue as a result of the fall.

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