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Santa Barbara Personal Injuries

Personal injury claims come in a wide variety of methods and types of injury. While some injuries suffered at the hands of a negligent party are relatively minor, others can be very serious and even result in fatalities. Many individuals who receive low-level injuries are often satisfied to file the claim with the appropriate insurance company and accept any approval for medical bill coverage with a small amount of money for the injuries. Individuals who are seriously injured rarely have this experience, especially when the insurance company realizes the long-term medical treatment aspects. And, insurance adjusters are often still reluctant in recognizing the full value of a claim even when the negligence is obvious and defendant is completely at fault or caused the injury intentionally. While many accident claims are filed as a result of a car crash, there are also regular claims of premises or product liability for other types of accident injuries. The truth is that all types of personal injury are fully investigated by the affected insurance for any reason to limit or deny a claim. In addition, when individuals with considerable wealth are the negligent party, the respondent themselves will also retain an attorney to help complicate and defend the issue. Regardless of the material case factors of your personal injury claim, you will always need a solid legal representative like the Santa Barbara personal injury lawyers at The El Dabe Law Firm.

Why You Will Need an Attorney for Personal Injury Compensation

Many people do not realize the actual value of their personal injury claim. This is even true when the accident is relatively minor and result in nominal injuries. What is often lost is the fact that minor injuries have a way of turning into serious medical situations later, especially when there are internal injuries that are not detected immediately. Claims that are settled and eliminated for a low value always include a full release from responsibility for ongoing future medical treatment, which a novice injured claimant rarely recognizes when settling without benefit of legal counsel. Serious valid injury claims are always defended strongly and investigated fully because insurance company claims adjusters are obligated primarily to their company and protecting the client. California uses pure comparative negligence law, meaning that even those who are responsible for an accident can still receive some form of compensatory recovery discounted by their percentage of fault. In addition, if the injury involves an auto accident, individuals who have an uninsured and under-insured rider on their auto policy will regularly find themselves at odds with their own insurance company. All personal injury claims can be complicated, and even your own insurance company will work diligently to protect themselves. That is why you too will need your own legal team ensuring that all of your rights to monetary compensation are enforced.

What El Dabe Law Firm Can Do For Your Case

The legal professionals at El Dabe Law have a long track record of achieving excellent results for clients who suffer all types of personal injuries. Those cases include personal premises liability, corporate liability, dog bite injuries, and car accident claims. Negligence is the primary factor in any accident injury claim, and the El Dabe Santa Barbara personal injury lawyers are focused on finding as many negligent parties as possible in investigating the accident. This especially applies in auto accidents that include multiple or commercial vehicles or corporate premises liability cases. Commercial liability can often include both the business operator and the property owner when responsibility for primary causation for the accident was a reasonable duty of care for both negligent parties. Many times the level of insurance coverage is much more significant than the injured plaintiff understands, and these insurance pools can be combined by your El Dade attorney in an effort to make the injured claimant whole in financial compensation appropriate for the seriousness of the injury.

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Anyone in the Santa Barbara area who has suffered a personal injury due to the negligence of another party should contact The El Dabe Law Firm for a full evaluation of the potential value of your claim. We investigate all injury claims thoroughly and there is no fee if we cannot recovery any damages.

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