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Santa Ana Slip and Fall Accidents

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Slip and fall cases happen more often than you may know. In fact, out of all personal injury accidents, these are some of the most common. What it comes down to is property liability. When a slip and fall case happens on someone else’s property, the property owner may be liable if they did not take the proper steps beforehand. For example, many slip and fall cases occur because there was no warning where a step was placed or where the floor was especially uneven.

When someone owns a property, they are responsible for ensuring that it is safe. This is true for both those who own public property and those who own private property. Slip and fall cases lawyers in Santa Ana will be able to help you claim compensation for you injuries in the following scenarios:

Types of Slip and Fall Cases

1. Steps without warning

Imagine that you are walking down the hallway of the building. You are paying attention as you walk and not doing anything else that would otherwise distract you. All of the sudden, you fall and hurt yourself badly. You wonder what on earth happened. When you look back, you see a step. If there had not been a warning sign or something to let you know that a step was coming up, this could very well be considered a slip and fall accident.

2. Level changes or uneven ground without warning

This same scenario would be true if you were walking and slipped and fell on uneven ground or a sudden level change in a building. If there are not warning signs to alert people to these level changes, slip and fall accidents can happen all the time. It is often not the fault of the person walking, but it may be the fault of the owner of the property or manager who did not place a warning sign near the ground to change. If you have fallen or slipped because of these conditions, don’t delay contacting our Santa Ana slip and fall lawyers.

3. No handrails when elevation levels change

In a building or on a property where the level goes up or down with a ramp or stairs, there must be handrails to guide people who are walking there. If there are no handrails and a slip and fall accident occurs on the elevation change, this may be grounds for a legal case against the owner or manager of the property.

4. Broken sidewalks

Broken sidewalks can also cause slip and fall accidents. Sometimes, a sidewalk is cracked, and it may be cracked so much that there is an elevation change of several inches. Other times, an entire section of concrete has been chipped off and is gone from the sidewalk so that there is a big hole left. Walkers of these sidewalks or anyone else who may be legally running, rollerblading or riding bikes on them should be able to do so safely. But when there are cracks and missing chunks, slip and fall accidents happen far too often, requiring a slip and fall accident and injury attorney in Santa Ana.

5. Carpeting that is torn or loose

Inside some buildings, slip and fall accidents can occur because carpeting is not properly taken care of. Carpeting that has been ripped or torn can leave huge safety concerns. Simply walking on carpet like this can lead to serious trips. If a table or another object is nearby, people may even hit their limbs or heads on these objects, and life-threatening injuries could ensue. If this has happened to you, you deserve compensation for the trauma and the resulting medical bills and lost wages.

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