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Santa Ana Personal Injuries

A personal injury in Santa Ana could be caused by a car accident, a defective product or an unmaintained storefront where you slip and fall. The people who caused the injury are responsible for compensating you for any damages. Personal injury lawyers from the El Dabe Law Firm can help you achieve that goal. You need to understand what Santa Ana personal injury lawyers can do for you after an accident.

Ensure You Understand the Law

The first thing your attorney will do is to make sure you understand personal injury laws in Santa Ana from the very start. This is important because the law can be confusing and complicated. Your lawyer is going to explain all of your current options. You will know what is coming in the future with your claim and what different documents mean from the opposing parties. Understanding the law gives you the ability to assist in your case in a real way that could make a difference in the end.

Build a Case to Show Liability

One of the primary things you must prove in order to have a successful personal injury claim is liability. This means you need to show that other parties were responsible for your injury though negligence, intentional inaction or deliberately reckless behaviors that disregarded your safety. Showing legal liability is something best left to a skilled lawyer. An attorney will know what legal points need to be made to establish that one or more parties caused your injuries either directly or indirectly. You have the best chance of showing clear liability and moving forward when you hire a lawyer.

Prevent Insurance Companies from Ignoring Your Claim

You are probably going to have to deal with insurance companies in Santa Ana after the injury. The insurers have entire teams of people who will do nothing but try to ignore, deny or pick apart the claim you and your Santa Ana personal injury attorneys. Fortunately, the attorneys at the El Dabe Law Firm have been successfully dealing with insurance companies for well over a decade. Your lawyer is going to use that experience to stop the insurer from ignoring your claim or delaying the process.

Prove Your Damages in a Meaningful Way

Although the injuries you suffered and your damages might seem straightforward, they still need to be proven in a legal context. Your attorney is going to be able to gather up the documentation and experts necessary to prove your damages in a meaningful way to insurers or the courts. This includes explaining in detail how those injuries are affecting your enjoyment of life, your ability to earn money and your mental state. A personal injury lawyer in Santa Ana will know what qualifies as something you can be compensated for under the law. This means your Santa Ana attorney will be fighting to get you every bit of compensation that you are entitled to receive.

Try To Reach a Fair Settlement

It is often in your best interest to avoid a lengthy and stressful personal injury trial. This is why your attorney will try to reach a fair settlement with insurers or the responsible parties before going to court. You can rely on the El Dabe Law Firm to negotiate forcefully on your behalf. The firm has successfully negotiated settlements many times in the past for a variety of personal injuries. You have the best hope of reaching a fast settlement so that you can move on when you hire an experienced Santa Ana personal injury attorney.

Use Aggressive Tactics to Get Results

There are times when all normal avenues fail while trying to get fair compensation for your personal injury claim. This is when the lawyers at the El Dabe Law Firm will start to use aggressive tactics to get results. This can mean filing lawsuits or making written discovery requests to cut through the paperwork. These aggressive tactics can potentially stop any delays or underhanded tactics so that you can receive the fair compensation you need.

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