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Car Accidents in San Diego

San Diego can be a hotbed for traffic accidents. Each year, over 5,000 drivers are either killed or seriously injured from accidents involving another vehicle. This does not include the nearly 12,000 non-fatal collisions that occur each year in the city, in which people still have to go to the hospital to get checked out by doctor’s, racking up medical bills. If you were one of the unlucky individuals that go into one of these accidents, you should probably consult with a personal injury lawyer.

Why Should I Consult with a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Personal injury lawyers are there to help you when your insurance and other ways of paying your bills related to accidents fail. There are many costs involved with getting into an accident that many people do not know about. Of course, there are the many medical bills that will pile up if you go to a hospital. You will be expected to pay for the doctor’s and nurses’ time, your hospital room, the medicine you are administered, and any surgeries or operations you have to go through. You are probably also going to be expected to pay for repairs for any damage the accident caused to the city property, such as light poles, signs, and road repairs. These bills can add up.

Now consider the additional costs once you leave the hospital. You might have to go back for up to a year for rehabilitation or physical therapy if your injury is persistent enough. You are probably going to be stuck in your home, unable to work, for a certain amount of time as well. If you are injured badly enough, you could be permanently disabled and unable to go back to work at all. This means that you are losing an entire income stream for you and your family. This just adds to the already high bills that you encountered at the hospital. Not only do you have these bills, but you may have lost your only way of paying for them.

All of these things come together to cause stress that you and your family do not need. You probably had issues before the accident that were already causing stress, such as the high cost of living in the city and the bills you already had to pay. Now think of a situation in which your insurance company tells you that they are not going to pay for your hospital bills because you were considered at fault for the accident. This pain and suffering can be difficult to remedy, but personal injury lawyers try their best to do it.

These lawyers will get up and build a case for you in order to fight the insurance companies and other parties to get you the compensation that you deserve for your bills, pain, and suffering. They will put all of the facts of the case together and present them, making it hard for the insurance companies or other parties to deny your right to restitution any longer. El Dabe is a law firm that has been doing that in the San Diego area for many years.

The El Dabe Law Firm

El Dabe has a team of dedicated personal injury lawyers that have experience in all kinds of personal injury cases. They are well-seasoned in cases involving car accidents, and they have a track record of winning their cases and getting their clients the compensation they deserve to cover their hospital bills, medical bills, doctor’s bills, rehab and physical therapy sessions, and all of the emotional stress that you experience during your ordeal. They have won millions for their clients, and several of the cases they have won brought in compensation of over $1 million for the victims of these accidents.

They also have a work ethic that is unparalleled in the field. They know that you do not put your life on hold just because you get into an accident. This is why they use their knowledge of San Diego law, their contacts within the city, and accident reports and witness testimony to build you a case as quickly as possible and get it resolved.

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