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What is Considered Road Rage in Los Angeles, and How Does Aggressive Driving Contribute?

The roads in California are constantly faced with heavy congestion and traffic jams. A majority of drivers uphold sound driving tactics. But, unfortunately, many vehicle operators also experience a surge of road rage leading to accidents, assaults, and injuries. Each year hundreds of road users die or sustain injuries because of such behavior.

Road rage is an aggressive driving incident where the driver has lost control. It can result in facial cuts, head injuries, fractures, permanent scars and disfigurement, knee damage, hand injuries, neck injury, or back problems.

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What is Road Rage?

Road rage incidents happen too often. Each year, around 30 fatalities are related to road rage. Most drivers who showcase aggressive or competitive driving behaviors are males between 18-50 years of age.

In extreme cases, road rage may take the form of a violent assault involving dangerous weapons, which may include guns, baseball bats, vehicle parts, pepper spray, golf clubs, Taser guns, and knives. Moreover, road rage may involve one driver physically fighting another motorist at the roadside or threatening to inflict harm.

Causes of Road Rage 

Any number of things can tip off a motorist causing him or her to act aggressively, including:

  •         Getting cut off by another driver
  •         Seeing a motorist using a phone while driving or being absent-minded
  •         Having verbal confrontations with someone else over a phone

How to Avoid Road Rage

However, drivers who are prone to road rage can do certain things to suppress the feelings of anger, including:

  •         Leave adequate time for trips
  •         Get enough rest, because lack of a good night’s sleep results in loss of control
  •         Listen to soothing music like soft jazz or classical jams
  •         Avoid tailgating behavior
  •         Do not honk unnecessarily
  •         Come to a stop and call a loved one to detail your road experience
  •         Ride to a remote and quiet area
  •         Overcome the temptation to make rude gestures at other road users
  •         Limit alcohol consumption, because the substance can inflict rage and impair driving
  •         Put photographs of the people you love on your dashboard
  •         Keep in mind that road rage behavior can cost you deftly in the form of tickets, attorneys, vehicle damage, and insurance rates

Remaining Safe During Instances of Road Road

On the other hand, a person with road rage can threaten you by maybe bumping you, yelling, making gestures, or unleashing weapons. It is up to you to try to control the unfortunate situation. This may include:

  •         Switching lanes if the person is tailgating you
  •         Allowing someone to pass you if they are insisting on doing so
  •         Avoiding the temptation to return a nasty gesture
  •         Trying not to make eye contact with the person
  •         Remaining behind the angry person at all times, because they can’t do much damage if you’re at the back

Seeking Compensation for Road Rage Injuries

If you sustain injuries from a road rage incident, El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers are here to help. We can help you seek compensation for:

  •         Past and future medical expenses
  •         Lost wages
  •         Property damage
  •         Physical and mental pain and suffering

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