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Legal Procedures Regarding Your Motorcycle Accident

Although they share the road with the drivers of larger and faster motor vehicles, motorcycle and bicycle enthusiasts gladly trade the risks involved for the freedom and pleasures of the ride they receive in return. These risks can be mitigated by proper training, the use of protective riding gear, and through the exercise of caution and respect for other drivers when riding or cycling. However even when these precautions are taken, accidents can happen, and often result in catastrophic, if not fatal, injuries. The severity of such accidents is due in large part to the lack of a protective barrier for the cyclist’s body during impact.

National Transportation and Highway Safety Administration statistics reveals that 462 motorcycle drivers and passengers died in traffic collisions in California in 2015, the majority of whom were wearing helmets at the time of their accidents. There were also 129 fatalities from accidents involving bicyclists and other cyclists.

Those who survive motorcycle and bicycle accidents often do so with head injuries, including life-altering brain trauma. Many suffer diminished cognitive abilities which render them unable to return to work or to live independently temporarily, and some, permanently.

If you are a Redondo Beach resident who was injured in a motorcycle or bicycle accident, there are legal avenues available to you through which you may seek reimbursement for the costs and expenses related to the accident. Reimbursable costs can include emergency care provided to you at the accident scene, ambulance and other emergency transportation costs, hospital care costs, and expenses related to rehabilitation assistance and services. Your accident-related losses may also include income you lost as a result of being off work while recuperating from your injuries, as well as future lost wages when your injuries are permanent and prevent you from returning to work.

Often in fatal motorcycle of bicycle crashes, the person lost leaves behind family members and others who depended upon them for their support. These dependents are not only immediately impacted by the accident, but will be affected by their loss well into the future. Under California law, they are entitled to recover their losses from those responsible for the accident. Recoverable losses available to these survivors may not only include the actual expenses related to the accident, but also the value of their future losses of social, emotional, and financial standing and support.

After an accident, even as you are concentrating your efforts and attention on returning to physical wellness and getting back to work, you will also need to address the legal aspect of recouping your losses. By securing the assistance of a personal injury attorney as early in the process as possible, you enhances your chances of recovering all reimbursable damages available to you. The experienced personal injury lawyers at El Dabe Law Firm can help to move your legal claim along while you work on getting well and back to your life.

As a client of El Dabe Law Firm, you have the full attention of our dedicated staff and attorneys. We can take immediate steps to record or reconstruct the conditions that were present at the accident scene, as well as locate and interview those who may have witnessed the accident. We can also investigate and identify the parties responsible for your accident and put them on notice that you are making a claim against them.

Our attorneys and staff will work just as hard to get you medical bills paid and your bike fixed or replaced as we do to protect your legal rights. At El Dabe Law Firm, we use our experience in and knowledge of California personal injury and wrongful death laws to negotiate with those at fault for the accident in an attempt to recover your losses without the need to go to court. If that is not possible, then we can proactively and aggressively pursue your losses in a court case, and you pay us nothing until your case settles or we secure a judgment in your favor.

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