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Hiring a Lawyer

It’s been estimated by the DMV that over 27,000 automobile accidents occur each day, 3,287 of them worldwide resulting in death.

Despite this grim statistic, you’ve surpassed the odds. You’ve been injured in a recent car accident, but you are still alive. Perhaps you’re confused at the options that swirl listlessly around you.

Don’t fret. The first thing you should do is ask yourself the question: should I hire a lawyer?

Theoretically speaking, no. A lawyer is not required for you to file or dispute claims with your insurance provider. If you have walked away from an accident mostly unscathed, or with only mild cuts or bruises, seeking out a Car Accident Lawyer is not always necessary because the research process is typically much simpler.

Say you have been seriously injured, and you file a claim with your insurance company. They dispute the claim, forcing you to take further measures in attaining the compensation you deserve.

An accident attorney will aid you in the sometimes intimidating task of battling your insurance provider and its team of seasoned lawyers. Our lawyers here at Redlands El Dabe Law Firm are extremely educated in the knowledge of injury regulations, claims, and settlements. We are dedicated to fighting by your side and advocating for you until the case is settled.

That being said—should you seek an accident attorney?

Again, the choice is up to you. Our trained staff at El Dabe plan to work our hardest to assist you in every separate part of the process the best that we can. Follow these guidelines to determine if you should begin the search for a Car Accident Lawyer.

  • Has the accident brought upon you severe pain or suffering? Analyze the type, length of recovery, and include your estimate for possible medical future bills that may arise in the future with the overall cost of the injury.
  • Are your injuries long-term or permanently disabling? These are the types of injuries that may potently affect your day-to-day lifestyle, and may strip you of the ability to earn wages or live a normal life. To determine a long-term type injury is to say that the injury affects you for a year or less. A permanent type injury affects you for the rest of your life.
  • If you’ve filed a claim with your insurance company and find out that the insurance company is disputing your claim. This occurs when the opposing insurance company does not believe that their policyholder is responsible for the crash, and is prepared to battle you legally in a lawsuit for a settlement. This is the clear-cut sign hinting at a grim and imminent legal dispute, and in this case you should hire a Car Accident Lawyer immediately.

Our professional staff here at Redlands El Dabe Law Firm realize the terrors that transpire at the occurrence of a serious car accident. You should not have to be afraid, or worry about what affirmative steps of action you are going to have to take next. You should never have to bear the complications of the legality which suddenly surrounds you when you or your loved ones are injured in a crash.

El Dabe Law Firm helps those who have suffered from an injury and are thinking over the possibility of suing the opposing party in an accident, or are just looking to attain the best possible compensation package possible for their losses.

It is our promise to guide you toward your goals in a swift, personal and professional manner. We believe you deserve far more compensation for your injuries than what your insurance company is prepared to offer you.

We are just a single call away, and are ready to be working with you to get you the assistance that you depend on. Call us at 844-510-3731 now to talk with a lawyer who will administexr advanced legal advice regarding your particular situation. We will review with you the legal route which you should consider taking next.

El Dabe Law Firm pledges to help you.

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