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Recent Fatal Car Accidents in Huntington Beach

A fatal car accident is an incident that results in the loss of life. Being in a car accident is a traumatic accident for anybody, but it’s even more so when somebody dies because of it. Unsafe driving habits, poor road conditions, or poor weather can contribute to a fatal accident. Getting more information about fatal car accidents can help you to avoid them.

After a fatal Huntington Beach crash, the family of the victim experiences severe grief. However, they may be able to pursue compensation for their pain and suffering through a wrongful death claim with Huntington Beach car accident attorneys at El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers.


Recent Fatal Huntington Beach Car Accidents

At 9:25 p.m. on January 1, 2020, a 61-year old woman from Huntington Beach died unfortunately after a head-on collision. The crash took place in the area spanning Gothard St. and Center Ave. after an SUV collided head-on into the victim’s car. A teenager was driving the SUV at the time of the incident and was arrested for DUI, vehicular manslaughter, and causing injury.

Susan Palmer, the victim, was in the backseat of a 2016 Kia Soul when the accident happened. She sustained major internal injuries and Paramedics transferred her to UCI Medical Center where she was declared dead. The other passengers in Susan’s car complained of pain while the teenager in the other vehicle sustained minor injuries.

Another recent fatal accident in Huntington Beach took place on August 24, 2019. It involved a 2007 Toyota Camry and a 2015 Mini Cooper. While the Toyota experienced moderate front-end damage, the 88-year old woman behind the wheel died from her injuries a week after the incident. She was taken to a medical center after making complaints of neck and back pain. The Mini Cooper sustained minor rear-end damage, and the driver — a 27-year old woman — did not suffer any injuries.

On July 22, 2019, in Beach Boulevard 18200 block, another crash occurred between a 2007 red Honda Fit and a 2012 Volkswagen Passat. The Honda experienced major damage on its passenger side, and both the driver and passenger died at the scene. On the other hand, Volkswagen had major damage at its front end, and the driver and two passengers suffered moderate injuries.

In another incident, a driver in Huntington Beach died after losing control of the car on January 27, 2019. The victim, Rubio Avila, Jr. was going east on Warner Ave. when he hit a curb on the road and lost control of the wheel. Paramedics declared the 24-year old dead at the accident scene.

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Hopefully from the data on recent fatal car accidents in Huntington Beach, you have a better idea of how to avoid such incidents. Fatal accidents are unfortunate occurrences that often leave the families of the victims in despair.

Families that have lost a loved one in a fatal car accident involving negligence or wrongdoing can file a wrongful death claim. That can help them to recover compensation for damages like medical bills, funeral expenses, pain and suffering, loss of companionship, and lost future wages.

Experienced Huntington Beach car accident attorneys at El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers can assess all aspects of the accident and help the victim’s family secure optimal compensation for the losses. Contact the law offices of El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers at 213-985-1120 to schedule a free consultation and receive the compensation you deserve.