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Protecting Rights and Interests with Pomona Personal Injury Lawyers

Nearly 900 people are injured or killed in car accidents in Los Angeles County annually. This includes people injured and killed in and around Pomona. Pomona personal injury lawyers can assist victims of car accidents in a number of different ways.Optimizing Compensation in a Car Accident Case

A key reason why a personal injury lawyer is invaluable is in regard to maximizing compensation in a car accident case. The specific facts of a car accident govern the type and amount an injured person may obtain in the way of compensation.

Typically, an injured person is able to seek compensation for pain and suffering and medical expenses arising from a car accident. In addition, an injured person may seek compensation for emotional distress and lost wages.

An injured person is not only entitled to seek compensation for current losses, but also for those which an accident victim might reasonably expect to face in the future. A personal injury lawyer can be instrumental in making the case for compensation for future compensation.

In addition to these types of compensation, an injured person may also obtain an award of punitive damages in a lawsuit. Punitive damages are awarded in situations in which a person who caused a car accident was particularly reckless. For example, if a person was texting at the time of a car accident, a judge might consider punitive damages suitable in a case.

Punitive damages are designed not only to provide additional compensation for egregious conduct but also to punish the individual responsible for the accident. A skilled personal injury attorney is in the best position to obtain punitive damages for a car accident victim.

Pursuing an Insurance Claim

Insurance claims are complicated, challenging matters. Pomona personal injury lawyers, like the legal team at the El Dabe Law Firm, understand what steps and tactics are necessary to successfully pursue an insurance claim after a car accident.

Insurance companies are in business to make money for their shareholders. The objectives of an insurance company is not settle claims, but to contain claims, in order to increase the bottom line of the company.

An attorney understands when an insurance company engages in unfair and improper claims settlement practices. In addition, a lawyer understands what steps to take when he or she detects that improver activity is going on in relation to a car accident claim.

Filing a Car Accident Lawsuit

One primary area in which Pomona personal injury lawyers are vitally helpful is litigating a car accident case in court. One of the most complex areas of the law in the United States, including in the state of California, is personal injury. When it comes to personal injury law, there are an incredible number of nuances that only an experienced lawyer can fully understand.

The process of pursuing a car accident lawsuit begins with making sure that it is filed in court in a timely manner. A common mistake that a person without legal counsel makes in regard to a car accident case is missing the deadline to file a lawsuit.

California law includes what is known as a statute of limitations for personal injury cases. The statute of limitations establishes a specific deadline during which a car accident or other type of personal injury lawsuit must be filed. The allocated time period generally is two years from the date of the accident.

If an injured person misses the deadline established by the stature of limitations, an injured person is forever prevented from going to court to obtain compensation. There are very few exceptions to the rule, and only a skilled lawyer is able to mount an argument to permit pursuing a lawsuit outside the deadline established by law.

Hiring Pomona Personal Injury Lawyers

In order to best protect an injured person’s rights and interests following a car accident, a victim of someone else’s negligence needs to retain Pomona personal injury lawyers, like the legal team at the El Dabe Law Firm.

An attorney from the El Dabe Law Firm will schedule an initial consultation with an injured person to go over the circumstances of a case and evaluate the facts associated with an accident. There is no charge for this initial session with an experienced lawyer from the El Dabe Law Firm.

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