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Pico Rivera Motorcycle and Bicycle Accident Lawyers

There are ample opportunities for Pico Rivera bikers to yield to the call of the open road. Whether sailing down the 605 to Seal Beach, or going for a bike ride around the town’s many parks and riding trails, hopping on a Harley or a Schwinn can be the perfect antidote for the stresses of a long work day. In a best case scenario, the ride goes as planned and you return home rested and relaxed without incident. However, if you get into an accident, as can happen anytime bikers and other drivers commingle on the roadway, having the information you need to protect your legal and economic rights can prove invaluable.

Bikers who remain alert and responsive to changes in traffic, road surfaces, and weather conditions, and who adjust their riding behavior accordingly, lessen the chance that they will become involved in collisions. Safe drivers refrain from making dangerous lane changes and maneuvers, speeding, and riding impaired. Even when these precautions are taken, collisions may still occur as the result of the actions of others who blindside, rear-end, and strike cyclists head-on.

Since, by their nature, biking accidents are sudden and unexpected, riders often sustain severe head and spinal cord injuries from the blunt force trauma of the impact. Unfortunately, some riders do not survive the trauma, and those that do often face years, if not a lifetime, of medical and rehabilitative care, loss of independence, and a dramatic increase in their cost of living. Income streams can also be negatively impacted due to an inability to immediately get back to work.

When you are involved in a motorcycle or bicycle accident, your life will begin to travel along two different tracks, one designed to return you to health and well-being, and the other designed to protect your legal rights. It is on that second track that the experienced personal injury attorneys at El Dabe Law Firm might be able to help. From collecting evidence at the accident scene to identifying and putting at-fault parties on notice of your claim against them, we provide full service for your case from start to settlement or judgment.

The legal staff and attorneys at El Dabe Law Firm take pride in providing comprehensive services that fit the specific needs of your case. For our injured clients, we help to get your bike fixed and medical bills paid along with any other accident-related costs and expenses. Once we have investigated the accident and identified the responsible parties, we put them on notice and begin calculating your losses arising from the crash, which can include wages lost while you are off work, and the value of future earning when you suffer a permanent disability and can no longer work.

El Dabe Law Firm is just as responsive in the unfortunate circumstance of your family losing a loved one in a motorcycle or bicycle accident. As in a personal injury case, we conduct a thorough investigation of the accident, identify the at-fault party or parties, and start negotiating with them to recover your economic and non-economic losses. These can include the costs of emergency services provided at the accident scene, funeral and burial costs, and all other monetary expenditures made as a result of the accident. In instances where the person lost was the primary breadwinner for your family, we calculate the value of the support your loved one would have provided to those who depended upon them, and work aggressively to have those losses compensated as well.

While our injured clients focus on getting back to physical health, at El Dabe Law Firm, our goal is to better ensure their economic future. We do the same for the dependents of a loved one lost in a fatal crash. We negotiate with the responsible parties and their insurance companies to settle your claim. When no agreement can be reached outside of court, we prepare and take your case to court. And you pay us only when we settle your case or get a judgment in your favor.

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