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Personal Injury Deposition Outline

If you are thinking about hiring a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles with El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers to represent you in your lawsuit, you might need to learn about one of the most serious elements of a personal injury case; a deposition. This article provides the essential information contained in a personal injury deposition outline.

What Is A Personal Injury Deposition?

A personal injury deposition happens when an individual turns up under oath to respond to the questions asked by a lawyer. In civil lawsuits, like medical malpractice or personal injury, depositions happen during the discovery stage — the time between the initial filing of a lawsuit and the initial exchange of papers between the two conflicting sides.

The information gathered during a personal injury disposition can be utilized during a trial.

What Are The Parties Involved In A Disposition, And What Do They Want To Achieve?

A personal injury disposition involves both the plaintiff and the defendant and their lawyers. Also involved in the disposition is a court reporter or the stenographer. This is the individual responsible for recording the questions and responses and administering the oath.

As the complainant in a personal injury claim, you will most likely be deposed by the attorney of the defendant. The attorney will ask you about your injuries and the conditions surrounding the accident that caused them. Most likely, the defense side will hire a medical expert to examine your injuries.

One of the most critical jobs of hiring an attorney is to advocate for your welfare by directing you through the process of deposition. In the end, the intention of the defense side is to make you say something that hurts your case and supports theirs.

At El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers, the primary goals for our clients during a personal injury deposition are:

  •   Ensuring that you communicate a believable and concise description of the accident
  •   Demonstrating that you are a believable and trustworthy witness
  •   Showing that we are very much prepared to take your case to trial if required

The defendant and their lawyers during a personal injury lawsuit want to get responses that will assist them in proving that they are not responsible for your injuries.

Deposing Additional Witnesses

In addition to the main defendant, your attorney will also depose the witnesses of the defendant. The goal of deposing the defendant’s witnesses include:

  •   To get a comprehensive understanding of the defense’s case version.
  •   To get the facts being utilized by the witness so that they are unable to change their story.
  •   To learn some of the contentions the defense will utilize.
  •   To understand how the jury will perceive the witness.

Contact an Experienced Attorney

At El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers, we recommend that you simply communicate the facts of your case as concisely and clearly as possible. Also, you should avoid talking to strangers coming from or to the deposition. The defense will always hire investigators to observe you, noting anything that is conflicting with the injuries you are claiming.

If you have sustained injuries and you want to get compensated, it is necessary you communicate with an experienced personal attorney. The experienced lawyers at El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers can examine your claims and assist you in starting making your case immediately.