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Perris Motorcycle and Bicycle Accident Lawyers

The sad reality of the world we live in today, which constantly relies upon travel across various dangerous roads, is that whether you are in a car, truck, or riding on a motorcycle, an accident is just one wrong move away. While traveling, most people are at an increased risk for an accident. Motorcycle riders and bicycle riders are in even more danger due to the lack of a few thousand pounds worth of metal and machinery surrounding their physical bodies. An accident on a bike – any type of bike – could leave the victim crippled or worse.

How Can a Lawyer Help Me?

When it comes to a motor vehicle accident – whether you are riding in a car or on a motorcycle – and you experience a severe accident on the road, an accident attorney can help you acquire the results you need to come out ahead of the collision. You see, following a severe accident, most victims will find themselves in the hospital with serious bills to repay following life-saving treatment, medication costs, rehabilitation, and the loss of work hours.

A lawyer specialized in fighting the legal side of the battle with the insurance companies and the guilty party who is responsible for the accident in question. Most insurance companies will offer a settlement to cover the cost of vehicle repairs, medical bills, and the loss of work hours. However, on rare occasions, the insurance companies either don’t pay out the settlement on time or they simply refuse to send a payment altogether. This leaves the victim in a dire situation.

How El Dabe Law Firm Can Help

When seeking out legal counsel, most attorneys will advise victims to perform adequate research beforehand and choose the best counsel for their case and their person. El Dabe Law Firm has been in the game with over 30 years worth of combined experience. The talented attorney have handled almost every type of case imaginable, which means they have experience where it is needed in the court room.

So far, El Dabe has recovered millions in verdicts and settlements for clients just like yourself. When performing your research, the number of positive outcomes should be one of the most vital aspects to selecting a law firm for representation.

If that was not enough, El Dabe does not accept a single dollar from victims unless the court case turns out positive. This means that your case is completely free on your part until a settlement is reached between the insurance company and the victim.

Why You Need a Lawyer for This Type of Injury

There are unique issues facing those who ride bicycles or motorcycles on the open road. Urban areas are quite busy and cluttered, freeways are high-speed collision machines, and country roads have bends and turns that could cause accidents all on their own.

When an accident does happen, most are completely dumbfounded that such an event could happen to them. It is unfortunate, but some people simply shut down and are unsure of how to proceed and recuperate from an accident. The medical bills begin to mount, the loss of work hours begins to really weigh the family down, and the stress one experiences can easily throw them over the edge on a bad day. It is unfortunate, but this is what everyday people are experiencing following an accident. Pure turmoil.

A lawyer can alleviate some of this pressure by handling the entire legal process, including the court appearance and legal paperwork.

You see, an accident is incredibly traumatizing for most people. A lawyer, while unable to remove the pain or the loss that has been experienced, can handle the background work that is required on such a case. Most people won’t have time to fill out paperwork, submit said paperwork to the court, and file for a settlement with an insurance company. It is simply too much to handle during a bad period in your life.

El Dabe Law Firm should be your first and last stop after a serious accident while riding a motorcycle or bicycle on the open road. A free consultation visit should sway your mind enough to warrant the law firm taking on the case.

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