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Paramount Motorcycle and Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Paramount Motorcycle/Bicycle Accident Lawyers: Protecting Legal Interests of Bikers of All Types

Approximately 12 injury or fatality causing motorcycle accidents occur in Paramount annually, according to the California Office of Traffic Statistics. In addition, about 22 accidents occur each year that injury or kill bicyclists in the city. These victims of roadway accidents need to have the experienced representation provided in these types of accident cases by Paramount motorcycle/bicycle accident lawyers. Indeed, these personal injury attorneys assist accident victims in a number of different ways.

Optimizing Compensation</h3

A key area in which Paramount motorcycle/bicycle accident lawyers provide crucial assistance to motorcyclists and bicyclists injured in roadway accidents caused by someone else’s negligence is in optimizing compensation. The reality of a motorcycle or bicycle accident is that the injuries sustained in this type of collision can be severe.

The types of compensation necessary in a motorcycle or bicycle accident depends on the unique facts and circumstances of an accident. Nonetheless, there are some specific areas in which compensation commonly is necessary in these types of accidents.

The victims of motorcycle and bicycle accidents oftentimes experience significant pain and suffering. Paramount motorcycle/bicycle accident lawyers are well-versed at proving the nature and extent of pain and suffering of roadway accident victims.

On a related note, typically the victims of a motorcycle or bicycle accident require extensive medical treatment and care. Hospitalization and other medical interventions can prove costly in a very short period of time.

Paramount motorcycle/bicycle accident lawyers assist injured motorcyclists and bicyclists in obtaining compensation necessary to address current and future medical expenses. This includes costs for such possible future medical issues like physical or occupational therapy, which are necessary in many cases of this nature.

A motorcyclist or a bicyclist may not be able to return to work directly after an accident. Indeed, in some cases, returning to work is down the road some distance for a person injured in this type of accident. Obtaining compensation for an injured biker, of either type, is another area in which Paramount motorcycle/bicycle accident lawyers assist injured individuals.

As is the case with other types of losses, a personal injury lawyer utilizes appropriate tactics to ensure that an injured motorcyclist or bicyclist is covered with compensation not only for current lost income, but also for this type of economic loss reasonably expected to be incurred in the future.

One final area in which Paramount Motorcycle/Bicycle Accident Lawyers assist injured clients is in the realm of what are known as punitive damages. In California, punitive damages represent a different type of monetary payment made to injured motorcyclists or bicyclist.

Punitive damages are awarded in lawsuits when a determination is made the conduct of the person responsible for an accident was particularly reckless. For example, if an automobile driver was significantly above the BAC limit, drives through an intersection against the right-of-way, and strikes a bicyclist appropriately in the intersection, that conduct may be deemed particularly egregious.

In addition to providing added monetary compensation to an injured person, punitive damages are also designed to punish the reckless actor that caused the accident in the first instance. Punitive damages also serve to send a message to other individuals to take care to avoid this type of conduct in the future.

Pursuing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Negligence law and civil court procedures are complex in the state of California. The need to pursue a lawsuit for damages in a personal injury case involving a motorcyclist or bicyclist underscores the need for Paramount Motorcycle/Bicycle Accident Lawyers. Litigation presents a particular area in which Paramount Motorcycle/Bicycle Accident Lawyers are particularly helpful to injured bikers of both types. Time and again, individuals who attempt to pursue a personal injury lawsuit without proper professional representation end up with highly unsatisfactory results.

Retaining Paramount Motorcycle/Bicycle Accident Lawyers

The legal team at the El Dabe Law Firm includes Paramount motorcycle/bicycle accident lawyers. An attorney at the firm stands ready to meet with an injured motorcyclist or bicyclist to discuss an accident. Through an initial consultation, an evaluation and analysis of the case is undertaken on a preliminary basis.

In addition, an attorney will answer questions of an accident victim. There is no legal fee assessed for an initial consultation with an injured motorcyclist or bicyclist.

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