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Oversized-Load Truck Accidents

Oversized-load trucks can take up several lanes and pose a significant danger to other drivers. Although these trucks are commonly accompanied by a convoy of cars meant to draw the attention of other drivers and help them avoid getting too close, they can still pose a great risk to motorists. 

The Los Angeles Car Accident Attorneys with El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers understand that these oversized-load trucks are often too big for conventional roadways and that this creates more risk for other drivers.

If you sustained an injury during an accident involving an oversize load truck, the Los Angeles Car Accident Attorneys can help you seek the compensation you deserve. Contact El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers, online or by phone, to set up a free consultation.

How Can Oversized-Load Trucks Cause Accidents?

There are numerous ways in which these large vehicles can cause accidents on roads. Some of the most common include:

Cargo Coming Loose

Truck drivers are responsible for hauling large cargo long distances, and they are required to ensure their freight is completely secured. If cargo is improperly loaded or the driver fails to ensure the freight is secure, debris flying can come off of the truck at high velocities and strike other vehicles or cause drivers to swerve, resulting in serious accidents.

Forcing Other Vehicles Off The Roadway

Although most oversized-load trucks have a convoy — cars that travel before and after them in order to alert other drivers to stay back — others may not. Without a convoy, truck drivers may not be able to see other drivers in their blind spots, including on either side of their cargo or vehicle.

As these trucks take up several lanes, if the driver makes any sudden lane changes or other movements, other motorists may be forced off the road, which could cause serious injuries.

Flipping Onto Other Cars

Oversized-load trucks have a higher center of gravity because of their heavy loads and large wheels. A low center of gravity allows a vehicle to be much more stable, and with a higher center of gravity, oversized-load trucks are considered unstable and are prone to tipping or rolling.

Oversized-load trucks may have difficulty turning corners or completing fast maneuvers to avoid accidents, which can put other people’s lives in danger. When an accident does occur, people in the surrounding area may also sustain injuries if the truck carries toxic, explosive, or corrosive cargo, such as gasoline.

Tire Bursts

Oversize load trucks might carry so much cargo, which might cause the tires to blow in some cases. Once this occurs, the truck driver might lose absolute control of the vehicle, which might end up hitting oncoming traffic and unnecessary traffic snarl-ups.  

Talk To A Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney

Truck drivers and trucking companies who transport oversized cargo on large trucks are responsible for ensuring the safety of themselves and others while on the road. If they fail to exercise a reasonable amount of caution or decline to uphold industry standards, their negligence can result in an accident, and they may be required to cover vehicle repair costs, lost wages, and medical bills sustained by drivers and pedestrians involved in the incident.

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