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“Edmond El Dabe is the best Attorney I know. His Law Firm represented me in a complicated personal injury case. He was aggressive, kind, honest, understanding, and very fair with me. His staff kept me informed at all times about what was going on with my case. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a good lawyer. Thanks so very much to Edmond El Dabe Law and his staff.”

Phyllis W., Laguna Beach, CA

Norwalk Motorcycle and Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Thousands of people die each year in motorcycle and bicycle accidents. These small forms of personal transportation rank as some of the deadliest accidents out there. Drivers are larger vehicles often don’t heed the laws of the road and understand the horrific amount of injury and suffering even a small accident can cause when it’s with a motorcycle or bicycle. Tragically, many bicycle accidents involve children. For this reason, there is a special emphasis on pressing cases that involve motorcycle and bicycle accidents.

Personal injury law is our specialty. We represent motorcycle and bicycle accident victims in the Norwalk, CA area as well as many other areas of California. It’s our goal to attack each case passionately and use all legal tools at our disposal to ensure that our clients have their needs met before, during, and after the case is settled. We don’t just win cases. We take a personal interest in seeing that the long-term well-being of our respected clients is above and beyond anything they might expect.

The legal process in personal injury cases is especially difficult for clients. No one wants to suffer a personal injury or seek justice for a loved one who had their entire lives changed or cut short due to someone else’s negligence. Yet millions of people have to pursue personal injury lawsuits each year just to see that they are able to continue their lives after an injury. The biggest consequence of any injury is the personal suffering that occurs. Add in financial difficulties that threaten simple quality of life and it’s a terrible experience for anyone who has to file a personal injury lawsuit. It’s our job at the El Dabe Law Firm to ensure that the process is as simple as it can be so that our clients can cope and get the help they need in their everyday lives while they recover from their injuries or the loss of someone who lost their life in a fatal bicycle or motorcycle accident.

Personal injury law has been our passion for many years. We’ve seen how completely upside down life is after a personal injury. Medical bills quickly pile up. A promising career might have been cut short. In those sad cases where families must sue on behalf of a lost loved one, we see the pain and suffering that this causes everyone involved. Our job is to take on the case the minute it’s given to us. We are available 24 hours a day to take phone calls or set up appointments in convenient locations for clients. Our promise is that it’s us who go to the client so that they don’t have the additional burden of going into a law office if they’re not psychologically or physically capable of doing so.

We take our combined 30 years of experience and go straight to work on your case. We go up against even the largest insurance companies and we win against those companies because we believe in our clients and we know that no one should ever have to suffer more than they’ve already suffered for something that was not their fault. Victims of motorcycle, bicycle, and car accidents are some of our most common clients. It’s our expertise, our compassion for the victim, and our steadfast resolve to win a case no matter what the cost that sets us apart from other firms.

Please keep in mind that there is a statute of limitations for every personal injury case. A lawsuit must be filed in a specific amount of time and this varies by state. The sooner you call the El Dabe Law Firm, the sooner we can get to work on your case and put much needed money in your pocket for medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. If you’ve lost property, we help you repair or replace that, too. None of our clients pays us anything up front in any case. We don’t believe in this practice. You’re already suffering from lost wages and expenses. Let us win your case for you first and then you pay. You can’t win your case, though, unless you contact us. Please call us today and receive the compassionate legal aid you deserve.

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