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Norwalk Car Accident Lawyers

Each year, there are several thousand traffic accidents in the Los Angeles area. Norwalk itself sees thousands of accidents that result in injury each year. While the majority of these are non-lethal accidents, the fact still remains that you could be the next victim, and you could be injured.

What Can I Expect After My Accident?

There are several things you can expect when you get into a car accident. You will be taken to a hospital where you will be taken good care of. However, once you are discharged, the bills are going to start piling up. You will have bills for the time that the doctors spent working with you. If you had to have surgery, there will operating costs and costs to use the operating room. You will be charged for your hospital bed, as well as any medicine that you were given. You will also be charged for your transportation to the hospital if you took an ambulance. When all is said and done, your bill is likely to be in the thousands, if not tens-of-thousands of dollars.

When you get home, you will be in the clear right? Unfortunately, the costs will continue to go on even when you are out of the hospital. If your accident was even moderate, you are likely to need some type of rehabilitation or physical therapy. You are also going to have to rest and stay home from work for a certain amount of time, sometimes up to a month. This means that you and your family will lose those wages and get even further behind on the hospital bills, not to mention any debts that you had before your accident.

All of these bills and costs will add up. Now think of a scenario where your insurance company will not cover all of these expenses. It happens more often than not, and that is why people need personal injury lawyers. Medical bills from accidents and not being able to work causes families to declare bankruptcy, get several different jobs, and go through all sorts of pain and suffering. Getting help from a persona injury lawyer can put an end to this.

Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me?

If you have been in a car accident, then yes, they can help you. These lawyers will help you to create a case in order to get you compensation to pay off your medical bills, doctor’s bills, and rehab bills. They will get police reports, witness testimony, and several other forms of evidence in order to show a judge that you really should have been insured for all of these issues, and that the insurance company was wrong to drop your claim. They can also get you money for the hardships you had to suffer due to the insurance company refusing to pay as well.

El Dabe Law Firm

The El Dabe Law Firm is one such personal injury law firm. El Dabe has a staff of qualified professionals that have experience in several different types of personal injury law, all the way from dog bites to bus accidents. They have a network of contacts throughout Southern California that help them get their cases done quickly. They know that you do not stop your life just because you were in an accident. They will not stop either.

The lawyers also have an extensive knowledge of Southern California law, including the little nuances in the law that exist in Norwalk and other cities in Los Angeles County. They will use this knowledge to stay away from legal roadblocks that could get in the way of winning the case. They will also use their knowledge of the system to work in your favor and win your case. Over the years, they have gotten their clients millions in compensation for their pain and suffering, including several individual clients that won over $1 million in just their case alone.

When you get into a car accident and you are left out to dry, you can have bills piling up and no way to pay them off. Call the personal injury lawyers at El Dabe to get your life back on track. You can get a free consultation for your accident today.

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