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Negligent Security Lawyer

Landlords, motels, and other businesses must provide adequate security so that their guests are not violently attacked. Sadly, many businesses are under intense economic pressure, and they cut corners. One area where they often pare back on is security.

At El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers, we can represent anyone who has been injured due to negligent security. Please contact us today at 213-985-1120, because lawsuits are often the only way to discover the truth and obtain compensation for a serious injury following a violent incident.

Was Security Adequate?

One question that arises is whether security was adequate. After all, California law does not require that businesses guarantee the safety of their guests. Instead, the law only requires reasonable measures to prevent crime and secure a visitor’s safety.

The amount of security will depend on the circumstances, in particular, the history of crime in the area. If an area has a high crime rate, then more security will be needed than in a sleepy part of the city.

Another key factor is whether there have been reports of suspicious or violent behavior. If a guest complains to motel management that someone is behaving violently or stalking them, then management cannot put their head in the sand. Instead, they must respond in a reasonable manner.

Although every case is different, we see common scenarios where security is lacking:

  • Missing locks on doors and windows in apartments or hotels/motels
  • Inadequate lighting in halls, stairwells, and parking lots
  • Lack of security guards
  • Failure to contact police to report suspicious or violent people
  • Missing or broken security cameras in businesses

Bringing a Claim for Negligent Security

Our firm is prepared to sue any number of businesses for negligent security, including:

  • Apartment complexes
  • Shopping malls
  • Parking garages
  • Theater chains
  • Motels or hotels
  • Restaurants and taverns
  • Universities
  • Banks
  • Property management companies

These businesses are not afraid to vigorously defend against any negligent security claim, so meeting with an attorney is to your benefit.

Why These Claims Matter

If you are injured in a violent attack in a business, you probably have expensive medical bills. Even worse, you might be unable to work as you slowly recover from the physical and emotional trauma you have endured. A violent attack can cost our clients a considerable sum of money.

Although you can sue your assailant for compensation, the reality is that many defendants do not have any funds. Think of a homeless person who picks up a knife and stabs you in a hotel lobby. This person has no resources, so any court judgment against them is worthless.

This is where a negligent security claim is helpful. By suing the business where you were attacked, you are claiming their inadequate security allowed the attack to happen. And, fortunately, businesses usually have deep pockets, which means they can pay fair compensation. Someone raped in a shopping mall, for example, might have no other way to obtain compensation than to sue the mall for negligent security.

Give Us a Call

In a free case review, our negligent security attorneys can look over the information surrounding your attack and determine the strength of your claim. If hired, we will immediately get to work securing evidence and putting the business on notice that you intend to seek justice. For help, contact El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers today.