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FAQ: What do I need in order to file a personal injury case?

The circumstances revolving around a personal injury claim can be a little confusing. When you are hurt, you’re caught in a mess of medical bills, appointment, treatments, and somehow, you’re still expected to get everything together to present a strong personal injury case.

But it doesn’t need to be difficult to ensure you have everything you need. If you are about to file a personal injury claim, this checklist can help you ensure you have everything that you need.

1. Police Report

The first thing that you will need is the police report of the accident. This document will help to present what happened before, during, and after the accident and will be the foundation of your personal injury case. It is important to always get an accident report if a mishap occurs.

2. Medical Records

Your medical records will show the severity of your injuries and help you make a claim that those damages were caused by the accident. If you have seen a number of specialist because of your injuries, including a chiropractor or physical therapist, be sure to contact them to get records from their offices as well. If you were transported in an ambulance after the accident, you should also request a copy of their report.

3. Documentation of Lost Wages

If your injury has kept you out of work, you’ll want to receive compensation to make up for the wages lost while you were out. To begin documentation, you’ll need to outline the days that you missed and receive a note from your doctor stating you were unable to perform the duties of your job because of your injuries. Other documentation you will need in order to prove your lost wages include your job title, your pay rate, your typical work schedule, and what sick or vacation days you were forced to use because of your injury.

4. Photos of Accident and Injury

When injured in an accident, it is always important to take photos of what happened and the consequences of the accident. When the time comes that you meet with a lawyer and the personal injury claim starts to take off, your injuries could be well on their way to being healed. Photos of the injuries right after they happen can prevent argument about the level of damage that was done.

5. Insurance Information

Before entering a personal injury claim, you will want detailed information of your insurance policy and any communication had with your insurance provider. If you are hoping to file a personal injury claim, it is best to communicate with your insurance provider through email. This gives you a trail of communication and allows you to refer back to what was said – a luxury you won’t have if you discuss the details over the phone.

6. Witness Statements

If anyone was around to witness the accident, you will want to get a written statement about what happened. These statements and stories will come in handy if the responsible party suddenly decides to claim that they were not at fault for the accident.

All of these pieces will come together to create a clear picture of what happened during the accident and who was at fault. If you are unable to obtain part of this list, it is not the end of the world, but you will want to ensure all your other components are strong enough to make up for that missing piece of information.

Once you have all these bits together, you are ready to file a personal injury claim. The assistance of an expert personal injury lawyer can help you ensure you meet all the necessary points and are covering all your bases when filing your claim.

A personal injury attorney will also work diligently along your side to ensure you receive the compensation you are entitled to. When you are still dealing with healing injuries, you have a number of other things weighing on your mind. Don’t allow yourself to miss out on compensation because you were distracted by your injuries. Instead, allow a personal injury attorney to represent you throughout your case.

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