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Neck Injuries from a Car Accident in Los Angeles

Even a minor automotive accident can bring trauma and injuries. Although most victims of a car accident recover fully, some people continue to experience symptoms for years.

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Possible Neck Injuries from a Car Accident

Here are the most common types of neck injuries that can result from a car accident:

1.      Whiplash

One of the most common neck injuries from a car accident is a whiplash injury, which often goes mistreated or ignored. Sudden head movement during a minor or major vehicle collision can lead to a whiplash neck injury. A victim of such an injury can suffer from torn ligaments or damage to surrounding muscles and tissues. Whiplash can potentially result in chronic pain.

2.      Neck Strain

A neck strain includes injuries to the muscles responsible for moving the head and upper part of the neck. The injuries can be minor, bringing discomfort, pain and limited mobility. However, they may also cause muscle spasms, showing that a more severe injury exists.

3.      Disc Injury

A car accident can cause parts of the spinal structure to shift out of their proper position. Slipped, ruptured, herniated or bulging discs can leave the victim in debilitating pain.

4.      Muscle Spasms

Any soft tissue damage and muscle strain may result in muscle spasms after a collision. However, muscle spasms may also indicate the presence of a disc injury.

Symptoms of a Neck Injuries from a Car Accident

No two car accidents are the same. After a car crash, if you or someone you know experiences any of the following neck injury symptoms, seek medical help:

  • Headache or feeling dizzy
  • Pain that radiates into your extremities
  • Neck or shoulder stiffness
  • Pain, numbness or tingling in the arms or legs
  • Chronic neck pain
  • Blurred vision
  • A constant feeling of weariness
  • Pain radiating into the shoulder

Your road to recovery after suffering neck injuries from a car accident is unique. Some neck injury symptoms heal fast while others can potentially become long-term issues. Early intervention by a medical professional to diagnose and treat your neck injuries can increase chances of a complete recovery.

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Note that not all neck injuries show up immediately after a car accident. Therefore, you should always consult a doctor after being a victim of a vehicle collision. After that, you should contact a Los Angeles car accident attorney who’s experienced in identifying factors affecting your accident.

The lawyer will work to uncover the facts to determine the person or entity that caused the accident. Was it a driver who was following too closely from the rear? Is it a poorly constructed road? It’s essential to uncover liability in any car accident, because it can establish whether your insurance policy will reimburse your losses.