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Hundreds of National City, California residents are injured every day in car accidents. For many of them, it wasn’t their fault. They were and are responsible people. They didn’t ask for the accident that caused them and their loved ones physical, emotional, and financial damage. Fortunately, the California court system has an established precedence of awarding extra money to victims to pay for these damages.

What’s more, many car crash victims have a case for a larger settlement than what they’re originally offered.

So why do so few raise their hand and say, “I deserve more?”

Why do many National City victims keep quiet and accept the settlement check that insurance companies offer? Maybe it’s because they believe that the insurance company has their best interests at heart. They believe that their insurance company is different. That their company wouldn’t try to intimidate them into accepting a sum far below what they actually deserve.

Fact: Insurance companies exist because we’re all legally required to carry insurance and their job, their sole job, is to make money off of your premiums. So when it comes time to pay out to accident victims, they will pay the minimum amount required to get the job done. They even employ actuaries and other specialists whose job it is to maximize the revenue for the insurance company.

The insurance company doesn’t care that you had to miss so many days off work after the accident that you lost your job. They don’t care that you’re so traumatized that you have flashbacks every time you get in the car. They don’t care that you now have to recover your lost income, buy a new car, and pay for thousands in mounting medical bills. They don’t care that your ability to work, maintain a relationship, or even perform normal daily living activities have been impaired by an accident. All of which were not your fault. So why should you burden those costs when you purchased insurance to cover them?

Insurance companies would have you believe that they “can’t do more”. They’ll rush you through the process quickly, knowing that you’re more likely to sign if you do it while you’re already overwhelmed with everything else after the accident.

You deserve better.

National City residents deserve better than to be treated like another number. We believe that you deserve the compensation worthy of the mountain you’re now facing, rather than the profits of an insurance company. Our team is experienced in handling accident cases like yours. We know how to take all the evidence and build a strategic case that will win. We look at evidence like the accident statements, the insurance photos, your physical injuries, how much work you lost, your medical expenses, ongoing therapy and treatments, your emotional trauma, and other factors. We also interview the experts, such as the police officers and your physicians, in order to catch the details that matter.

You shouldn’t attempt to fight an insurance company alone. They’re trained in quieting people like you so that you don’t fight back. They’re counting on the fact that you don’t know the process or the rules or what your case is really worth. Instead of doing it yourself, hire a law firm that specializes in car accidents. A legal firm that knows National City and its courts and who will fight for you.

A higher settlement won’t reverse an accident. It will, however, keep food on your family’s table, a roof over your head, and allow you to avoid being crushed under the weight of unplanned expenses. It’s not selfish to ensure that your family will be taken care of.

Before you sign that check, talk to us. We offer free consultations to people in your shoes. In our meeting, we’ll review the preliminary facts of your situation and help you decide if you can get the kind of compensation you deserve.

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