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Monterey Park Car Accident Lawyers

Obtaining Legal Representation in Monterey Park

Did you know that the El Dabe Law Firm will represent clients who sustained car accidents in busy Monterey Park? Now home to slightly over 60,000 people, this community of nearly eight square miles remains one of the most heavily traveled in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

The large San Bernardino Freeway (also called I-10) runs along the northern edges of Monterey Park. The Pomona Freeway separates our community from Montbello. Interstate 710, Garfield Boulevard and Atlantic Boulevard all cross our town in a north-south direction. Small wonder that so many residents of Monterey Park depend upon roadway transportation to reach jobs, schools and essential services!

Car Accident Cases

Although most people recognize the importance of careful driving, roadway accidents still occur frequently in the United States. In tiny Monterey Park, for instance, four separate traffic accidents involving fatalities occurred during 2014 alone. Consider how many “fender benders” and minor car accidents happen every month in this community!

Even car accidents which do not result in serious injuries often prove quite stressful. These types of incidents cause property damage and may result in lost wages and considerable inconvenience. If you’ve ever taken your car in for body shop work following a car accident, you can appreciate the significant expenses sometimes resulting from roadway mishaps. Repairing a bent fender or a badly scraped car door can cost a considerable sum of money, sometimes.

Aggressive Legal Representation

Following a car accident, some insurance agents and claims adjusters pester drivers and passengers. They seek information about the accident. Many people discover that following an accident, it often proves helpful to speak with a qualified attorney before providing a statement to an insurer. Having an attorney beside you as you discuss events with a claims adjuster may help prevent confusions and misunderstandings from arising.

The El Dabe Law Firm seeks to provide vigorous legal representation to our clients. We possess experience representing clients in car accident cases in California. Our goal remains seeking to obtain the best possible financial recovery for our clients under the circumstances.

Car Accidents And Stress Factors

People injured as a result of car accidents often discover that speaking with an attorney proves very helpful. During the aftermath of one of these events, those involved may suffer physical pain and mental anxiety. Some people experience nightmares after especially traumatic accidents. Paying medical bills, enduring time away from employment and worrying about replacing damaged vehicles frequently preoccupy the victims of these events. In the worst case scenario, families mourn the loss of a loved one. Strong emotions tend to prevail during these disrupted periods.

By consulting with a qualified attorney, a person involved in an automobile accident may obtain the benefit of objectivity. The lawyer may provide useful suggestions for documenting injuries and locating evidence for use in a court case. Attorneys may alert their clients to important legal deadlines involved in filing and prosecuting court cases. Obtaining legal representation sometimes offers a far wiser step than attempting to represent yourself in a legal matter.

The El Dabe Law Firm

The El Dabe firm undertakes the representation of victims of car accidents. We appreciate how stressful accidents prove. These events frequently exercise a devastating impacts upon families. If you’ve experienced a car accident and suffered harm as a result, you may want to consider discussing your situation with an experienced attorney.

We strive to furnish our clients with accurate, useful advice. Helping injured people recover as much as possible provides us with a sense of satisfaction! The concerns of the Monterey Park community matter to us!

Requesting a Free Consultation

If you have become involved in a car accident recently in Monterey Park or another California community, you may request a free consultation with an attorney from the El Dabe Law Firm. We do not charge for this discussion.

To tell us about your accident and injuries, simply send us an email. Alternatively, you may call us at 888-542-6021. We strive to remain objective in evaluating cases and to provide our clients with vigorous legal advocacy!

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