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What is Mediation?

Mediation is used to resolve a dispute where two parties will be forced to keep working together or maintain a despite the disagreement. The practice is structured and includes an impartial third party who assists the parties in resolving the conflict through communication and negotiation.

The Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys at El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers have the experience necessary to act as a neutral third party and help you reach an amicable solution in your dispute. Our lawyers are passionate and knowledgeable enough to handle your case effectively and find you an agreeable solution with the conflicting party.

What is the definition of mediate in law?

Mediating involves bringing two disputing parties to an amicable solution without going to trial. A neutral third party, called a mediator, brings the two parties together to talk and iron out their issues and come to an out-of-court settlement.

This process is called mediation, and the mediators are usually trial lawyers brought in by the court, prosecutor, or defense attorneys seeking to avoid going to trial. At the mediation process, the two parties can discuss their issues, interests, and understandings. The two parties can also share information and explore the different ways to resolve the conflict.

The mediation process is voluntary, and each party is not mandated to resolve their conflict. Therefore, the mediator’s participation remains voluntary, and the mediator is not obligated to decide for the conflicting parties. The mediator is only present to help the parties agree.

Reasons for mediating instead of trial

There are various reasons why a court can decide to ask parties to look for a solution through mediation, including:

  •   Courts being overburdened with lawsuits set for trial
  •   Mediation offers a speedy resolution of conflicts and disputes
  •   When the legal costs will overwhelm the two parties
  •   Restoration of relationships between parties

These are valid reasons why conflicting parties will be better suited to attend a mediation proceeding rather than a trial. It ensures that the stress that comes with attending trial is avoided. If you require mediation services, the lawyers at our offices are always ready to offer you the assistance you need.

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