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Lancaster Slip and Fall Attorneys

Accidents are not anticipated, but they happen. No one expects to get injured from a fall because the hole in a parking lot resulted from maintenance being neglected for too long. The loose steps to the entrance of an office building aren’t anticipated to cause injury, and then it happens. The office building stairs are then recognized as dangerous. People don’t start their day believing they will have an accident, but when it occurs there is help. A slip and fall attorney in Lancaster can help people who have an unanticipated injury that resulted from negligence and more.

Seek Help Immediately

When a person has been injured because of others negligence, it is best they contact a Lancaster slip and fall attorney as soon as possible. If an injury is even slightly serious, a person should not consider approaching an insurance company without legal representation. An insurance company will rarely acknowledge their liability to a person who is not represented by an attorney. A person with no legal experience will be at the mercy of the attorneys from the insurance company. These attorneys are paid to do what is best for the insurance company.

Injury Details

One of the first things a slip and fall attorney in Lancaster will need to do with their client is learn the details of how the injury occurred. Things happen very fast, and a person’s memory of the accident will fade with time. A person who has had a serious accident may want to record the details as soon as they’re able. What they were doing before the accident, what happened during the accident and what they did after it is important information a lawyer will need to know. The more specific details a client can provide about the accident, the stronger a case their attorney can build.


When a person has sustained an injury from a slip and fall accident, they need to be compensated for their loss by those responsible. Liability for the incident needs to be established. A Lancaster slip and fall lawyer will know how to work with their clients to prove the defendant is liable for what happened. Once this is established, a case can then be in a situation where it may go to trial, or a settlement can be negotiated.


The success of a client’s case may be determined by an attorney proving reasonableness. This is part of the law that determines if a property owner made reasonable efforts to properly maintain their property and keep it in a safe condition. A property owner will be asked if they regularly examined their premises for needed repairs, and if necessary maintenance was performed. Should the area where the accident occurred have been in need of repair for a long time, it will need to be established.


An experienced slip and fall lawyer will know how to carefully examine the scene of the accident. They will be able to discuss all of the legal possibilities of a client’s case and more. They will know how to determine precisely how and why their client was injured. All of the applicable local, state and federal laws will be researched. This will be done to determine if the condition of the property violated any of these laws. Witnesses to the accident will be interviewed. In some cases, expert witnesses will be able to testify in court concerning the negligence of the defendant.

Proving Injuries

It is not enough for a person to say they need hundreds of dollars in compensation because of their injury. They need to provide proof of their damages. A slip and fall lawyer in Lancaster will know how to work with their clients to properly document lost income using pay records, tax forms and more. They will be able to help a client organize their medical records. It many cases, it can be a challenge to get all of the necessary medical records. An experienced slip and fall attorney will also be able to assess their client’s pain and suffering to obtain the best possible settlement.

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