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If you have been involved in a minor vehicle accident, chances are you may feel fine and decide not to get a medical exam or contact a lawyer. However, some accident injuries do not show up immediately or resolve right away. It may be days or weeks before you realize a persistent headache develops or you realize that the accident-related back pain is not going away. Even if you are fortunate enough not to suffer personal injuries from an auto accident, what if the other driver tries to sue you for negligence to pay for injuries or car damage that he or she caused? Here are important reasons to consult a car accident attorney if you are involved in a vehicle collision.

Unseen injuries may appear later.

Some internal injuries may not show up right away. For example, a slow head bleed due to an accident-related concussion could remain invisible inside the skull until symptoms appear days or weeks later. By this time the damage may be life-threatening. That is why it is important to be checked out at a local emergency room or urgent care center immediately following an accident. You should also report to your doctor any new symptoms that materialize after the accident.

Minor injuries sometimes get worse.

Ongoing headaches, leg pain, or other injuries of uncertain scope should be tested and diagnosed to determine how serious they are. An achy hand that doesn’t get better may actually be a broken wrist, for example. Minor bruises or discomfort, such as whiplash, should be checked by a doctor right after the accident.

Serious injuries require careful evaluation.

Some hardy people try to tough it out with serious injuries following an accident. However, ignoring alarmingh3 symptoms like bleeding, confusion, or impaired mobility may cause these respective injuries to get worse instead of better. Even if you feel the pain is manageable or you’ve had a similar injury before that got better on its own, you should get a medical exam to be sure your injuries receive needed treatment so they can fully and permanently heal. Otherwise, you may end up going back to the doctor every few months for additional exams and treatments that you will have to pay for.

A police report can confirm accident facts.

No matter how minor the car accident, call the police for a report to be made. The facts surrounding the accident need to be made an official public record for future reference if needed. If the other driver tries to claim you caused the accident when in fact it was him or her, the police report can objectively describe the incident.

Your rights deserve protection.

Avoid getting into a finger-pointing dispute with the other driver. Let the police officer document the accident facts. If you know of witnesses who observed the accident, ask them to make an official statement. Have your injuries evaluated promptly. Doing these things right away is critical to protecting your rights as an innocent driver in a car accident. Don’t wait to decide to file a legal claim, as the statute of limitations may be expired by then. Protect yourself before the other driver’s attorney or insurance company tries to foist responsibility on you for the accident.

Lakewood car accident lawyers offer many years of experience and success in defending drivers who have suffered injury or loss in a vehicle accident. We understand how motor laws apply to various types of car accidents, and we can help to protect your interests. Depending on the losses or injuries you have sustained, you may be entitled to compensation from the other driver. We will prepare the claim at no cost to you until you are awarded compensation by the court. While we hope you are never involved in an auto accident, we are ready to help if needed.

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