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Being injured in a car accident can change your life temporarily or permanently. Often, the victim does not realize the extent of the damage until several weeks or months have passed. Although your first impression may be that damage is minimal, it is a good idea to discuss your accident with Inglewood personal injury lawyers for the following reasons.

You will save time.

Getting legal advice immediately after the accident can help to ensure you have the necessary information for a possible medical claim against the driver of the other vehicle. If you wait to see if symptoms appear later, you could end up having to backtrack to obtain important records and evidence related to your injuries. With each passing week, you are further away from the accident date, which means you are more likely to forget important details that could make a difference in any legal claim you decide to make later. If the other driver sues you, you will have to scramble to get a personal injury lawyer who will have to collect information about the accident, possibly on short notice. Sooner is better in court-related matters.

You can save money.

If you begin having symptoms, you’ll need to see a doctor for an evaluation. That means you will likely have to provide copays and deductibles on your medical insurance bills. If the other driver was at fault, that person’s insurance company should pay for your accident-related medical expenses. In addition, you will need a doctor to verify that your symptoms and injuries were caused by the accident if you plan to bring a claim against the other driver. Other expenses, like vehicle repair or physical therapy, can also be paid by the driver at fault if you file a claim that is supported by the court or resolved during a settlement conference.

You may receive compensation.

Most of us know little about car accident litigation and laws. That’s why we hire personal injury lawyers for advice and help. Anyone whose driving causes an accident that injures another person may be liable for damages and compensation as determined by the state laws. An experienced personal injury attorney can explain the laws and decide whether your injuries and losses are eligible for compensation. Monetary losses like missed work, doctor bills, and a damaged vehicle could be covered by the other driver’s insurance and thus may be compensated if your claim is found by the court to be valid.

Lawyers do most of the work.

When a claim is filed, the personal injury attorney will prepare documents for the court, inform the other driver and his or her attorney, evaluate your case, collect evidence like medical records and witness statements, and assist you during legal procedures like depositions. Lawyers are typically paid a percentage, often one-third, of any compensation awarded on your claim; they do not get paid unless you win. The attorney will negotiate a fair settlement and protect your interests. When settled or won, the compensation collected from the defendant will be paid to your attorney, who will then pay all outstanding medical claims or related bills before forwarding you the balance after his or her payment.

The average person would probably not know where to start when deciding if or how to file a legal claim against the driver of the vehicle that caused the damage. If you need a qualified Diamond Bar car accident lawyer, contact us for more information. You can rest assured we provide our clients with complete confidentiality and respect for privacy. We work hard to earn your trust and win your claim.

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