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Orange County Human Error is a Cause of Serious Motor Vehicle Collisions

Motor vehicle collisions are very common in Orange County with most of them being caused by human error. Many collisions become more serious in Orange County when drivers aren’t paying attention. It’s important for drivers to observe traffic regulations so as to avoid car crashes that result in loss of lives. The desire of drivers to multitask is life-threatening when done at inappropriate times.

Common causes of collisions caused by unsafe habits of drivers include distracted or drunk driving and driving in bad weather conditions. Contacting our Orange County car accident attorneys at El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers is important in getting compensation for any incurred damages.

What Are the Leading Causes for Most Collisions in Orange County?

Some of the risks that make car accidents more dangerous include:

Distracted Driving

Los Angeles Uber driver injury protection | El Dabe Ritter Trial LawyersDistraction when driving may result from looking at a map, texting while driving, or even changing the radio station.

Such distractions that shift the attention of drivers from the road for a few moments can result in horrible collisions.

Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence of alcohol is one of the leading causes of car accidents in Orange County. It is quite sensible for drivers to wait for the drinking effects to disappear before driving.

Breaking Speed Limits

Rancho Cucamonga Car Accident Attorneys | El Dabe Ritter Trial LawyersSpeeding over the limit not only increases the chances of a car accident but also increases the risk of severe injuries.

Most drivers have a bad tendency of ignoring speed limits, especially on highways. The faster the driving speed, the slower the reaction time in case a defense while driving is required. 

Reckless Driving

Driving recklessly is characterized by drivers who change lanes too quickly, drive aggressively and speed over the limit.

Driving in Bad Weather Conditions

Drivers increase the risk of collisions by driving in:

  • Excessive rain
  • Dense fogs
  • High winds

The risk is even greater if the driver is inexperienced or has poor preparation for the road conditions.

Running the Red Lights

Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys | El Dabe Ritter Trial LawyersDrivers cause serious car accidents by failing to stop when the red lights are running.

Their excuses often include being in a hurry to get to their workplaces or to important meetings. However, no issue is more valuable than the safety of your life and the lives of other road users.

Driving at Night

Reduced visibility on the roads during the night makes it harder for drivers to spot obstacles and possible hazards. Drivers should be fully alert and use effective car lights when driving on roads without street lights.

Contact Orange County Car Accident Attorneys

Riverside Car Accident Lawyers | El Dabe Ritter Trial LawyersOur experienced Orange County car accident attorneys are able to assess the facts of the collision in the best way possible. The at-fault party normally has an insurance company and even lawyers behind the situation. That enables them to be immediately aware of the risk management concerns.

Countering all that on your own as an injured party can be hectic and too great of a risk. Hiring the legal representation of our Orange County car accident attorneys enables you to navigate the legal system conveniently.

Being involved in a collision is a really unfortunate situation. It’s in your best interest to contact our Orange County car accident attorneys at El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers. Our experience in handling many collisions in Orange County gives us a deeper understanding of how to handle each case. Call the offices of El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers at 888-542-6021 to schedule a free consultation.

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