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How to Treat Road Rash From Motorcycle Accident in Los Angeles

Road rash is one of the most common types of motorcycle accident injuries. Even after a  seemingly minor collision, a motorcyclist could suffer a major road rash injury. Road rash is notoriously painful, and, without proper treatment, it can develop into a far more serious medical issue. In this article, our Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys explain the most important things that bikers need to know about treating a road rash injury after a crash. 

The Steps to Treat Road Rash After a Motorcycle Accident 

Road rash is a term used by motorcyclists, motorcycle lawyers, medical professionals, and safety experts to describe the injury that can occur when a person’s skin makes contact with an abrasive road surface. Road rash is common in both motorcycle accidents and bicycle accidents — where riders are inherently exposed to danger. Here are the five key steps that you need to follow when treating a road rash injury after a motorcycle crash: 

  • Wash and Disinfect the Injury: The injury site must be washed and disinfected. In addition, the hands of the person treating the injury — whether it is a loved one, a helpful bystander, or the victim themselves — should be washed. At this time, the risk of infection is high.  
  • Carefully Remove the Debris: Any debris at the injury site should be carefully removed. Road rash debris comes in many different forms — from small amounts of dirt to little rocks and pebbles. Make sure that all of this debris is removed from the victim’s skin.  
  • Be Ready to Seek Professional Medical Attention: Road rash injuries can vary dramatically in their level of severity. While a minor road rash may be treated at home, many road rash injuries require professional medical care. Always be ready to see a doctor after a motorcycle crash. If you have any doubt as to whether or not you need professional medical help, do not risk it: schedule an appointment.  
  • Cover the Injury and Keep Bandages Fresh: A person should not walk around with open wounds. The road rash injury should be carefully covered with the appropriate bandages. Please note that bandages should be kept fresh — they may need to be replaced several times.  
  • Watch for Any Signs of Infection: Finally, it is imperative that injured motorcyclists watch for signs of infection. As explained by the Mayo Clinic, any open wound has the potential to develop into a serious infection. A road rash that becomes infected may turn a relatively mild injury into a severe, even life-threatening medical emergency.

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