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How Many Points Is Reckless Driving in Los Angeles?

Reckless driving is any sort of driving behavior that shows indifference or irreverence to the safety of members of the public and their property. Reckless driving includes speeding in a school zone, going around a railroad barrier, and passing on blind curves. How many points is reckless driving? The answer depends on the nature of your violation.

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Points on a Driver’s License Record

Driving under the influence is considered “wet” reckless driving and counts for two points on your driver’s record. You cannot go to traffic school for a DUI if you get:

  • Four points in a year
  • Six points in 2 years
  • Eight points in 3 years

If you have too many points for negligent driving, the DMV may suspend your license for six months. You may get a point for accidents in which you are at fault, two points for hit and run or wet reckless, and a point for violating stop signs or speeding.  

Before the DMV suspends your license, you are entitled to a DMV hearing. If you need to drive frequently, you may get a restricted license. 

Understanding the California DMV Point System

The DMV point system is used to keep track of a driver’s behavior on the road. You get a point or two for each time you have a traffic conviction or violation. The number of points you receive depends on the severity of your violation. There may be an exception under the following instances;

  1. If you feel that you have been issued a ticket in error. In such instances, you have to go to court and make your defense against the ticket. Your Los Angeles car accident attorneys may help you
  2. If you haven’t gone to a traffic school in the past 18 months because of a traffic violation and your offense wasn’t serious. In such instances, you may take an online class to avoid having points on your record. 

How Many Points For Reckless Driving?

All Los Angeles drivers should be conscious of their DMV points while driving. If, for example, you are charged with a hit and run and DUI you already have four points. If you have four DMV points in one year, you will receive a letter from the DMV to notify you that your license will be suspended for six months due to your reckless driving

Do as much as you can to avoid getting extra points. When you get a traffic ticket for a moving violation, it is wise to fight it or request traffic school. You are allowed to do traffic school at least once every eighteen months to keep a DMV point off your record.  

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