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How a Fatal Car Accident Lawyer Can Help Your Family With a Wrongful Death Claim

Highway safety remains a serious problem. The California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) reports that nearly 4,000 people are killed in motor vehicle collisions in the state each year. To put that number into perspective, that means that nearly 1 in 80 deaths in our state happens in an auto accident. This is known as a wrongful death case.

If your family lost a loved one to a fatal crash, it is crucial that you know how to navigate the legal claims process. Here, you will find an overview of how a Los Angeles fatal accident attorney can help you and your family get through wrongful death claims. 

What is a Wrongful Death Claim?

The loss of a close loved one in a fatal car accident is devastating. No amount of money willcompensate you and your family for such a devastating loss. Understanding that, the wrongful death claims process exists to provide grieving family members with an avenue to seek justice, accountability, financial support, and some form of legal closure. An experienced Los Angeles fatal accident lawyer can answer any of your specific questions about wrongful death claims. 

Note: Beyond a wrongful death lawsuit, there is a related (but separate) lawsuit called a survival action claim. Through a survival action claim, the estate of a deceased victim can pursue all of the compensation that the victim would have been entitled to if they had lived through the crash. 

You Need to Know Who Should File a Fatal Accident Claim

Not everyone has the right to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit after a fatal automobile crash in our state. California Code of Civil Procedure § 377.60 sets out strict rules and procedures for the filing of wrongful death claims. A fatal crash wrongful death action typically must be initiated by the : 

  • Surviving spouse;
  • The children; 
  • The parents; or 
  • The estate of the deceased. 
  • Other persons who are financially reliant on the decedent 

Knowing who should file a claim can be confusing. A Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer can help you and your loved one sort everything out, so that you are in the best position to get justice. 

Recovering Wrongful Death Compensation After a Fatal Crash

In California, wrongful death claims are designed to compensate for the damages sustained by the family members of the crash victim. You and your family may be able to recover financial relief for economic losses (funeral, burial, medical bills, etc) and non-monetary losses (loss of love, support, companionship, etc). A Los Angeles, CA wrongful death lawyer will help you get the full and just financial compensation you are owed under the law.  

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