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Getting Accident Victims Fair Compensation From Insurance Companies

In the State of California, it happens too often that a person is injured and has property damage resulting from a car accident. There is a good possibility the person did nothing wrong. On the road are underinsured drivers, uninsured drivers, drunk drivers, careless drivers and more causing accidents involving people who drive safely. When a person has been hurt and experienced property damage, they may not know or understand the complex legal maze involved with getting fair compensation from an insurance company. They will need someone to help guide them during this difficult time. They will need to speak with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney.

Insurance Companies

When a person has a car accident, they will have to deal with an insurance company to get fair compensation. Even if a person has faithfully paid their policy premiums, an insurance company will try to pay as little as possible for a claim. Insurance companies have attorneys who are experts when it comes to insurance law, the claims process and more. A car accident victim in California will need to have someone with them who also knows insurance law. A legal professional who has experience with insurance claims, insurance laws and what is fair compensation. They will need to have an El Dabe attorney represent them during this time.


When meeting an El Dabe attorney, a potential client will need to provide certain information about the case. The more information, the quicker they can get a client compensation. A person should write down everything they can remember about an accident as soon as possible after it happens. This information should be supplied to an attorney. They will need to see information about a person’s vehicle, car insurance as well as driver’s license and more. Information about the other vehicles and people involved in the accident. As much information as possible about medical treatment, lost wages, police reports and anything else relevant to the case.

Value Of A Claim

Most accident victims don’t know the real value of their claim. Attorneys from the El Dabe Law Firm understand the subtleties of individual accident cases. They are able to analyze the facts and arrive at an accurate settlement figure. These legal professionals will know how to put a value on an accident victim’s pain and suffering. They will know how to properly assess property damage and more. Attorneys from the El Dabe Law Firm know how to get an accident victim all the compensation they should should be given.


It’s common for an insurance company to try and settle for only a fraction of the amount an accident victim is eligible to receive. The attorneys from the El Dabe Law Firm know how to properly negotiate a settlement. They know how to prepare a settlement demand letter for an insurance company. During the negotiating process, they are often able to get an accident victim fair compensation. Should the settlement offer from an insurance company not be acceptable, they are able to use the legal system to obtain fair compensation for their client.

Legal Procedures

It’s important when trying to get fair compensation to have an attorney who knows legal procedures and insurance law. Attorneys from the El Dabe Law Firm know how to handle any legal procedure or aspect of insurance law. In the state of California, there is the statute of limitations. This is a time limit a person has from the time the accident occurs to file a claim. These attorneys know how to make certain a claim is properly handled within the legal time limit. They know how to file all appropriate documents with the correct court and more.

Court Trial

Trials are only a last resort. They are expensive as well as time-consuming. A court trial can also be a necessary step toward getting an accident victim the compensation they deserve. The attorneys at El Dabe Law Firm have a lot of trial experience. They will know how to effectively present evidence to a judge or jury for the best possible result.


It’s possible for an attorney to work on a contingency basis. This means they won’t get paid until they win the case. In some situations, a retainer or flat fee will be charged. Every person will know if there will be any charges prior to an attorney taking their case.

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