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Headache After Car Accident

Anyone who has suffered from a serious headache can attest to how debilitating it can be, even if it’s not a full-on migraine. For those who have been in a car accident, a headache is one of the most common side-effects. While a headache may just be stress-related and not something to worry about, it could also be indicative of a more serious injury. If you have suffered a headache after a car accident, it’s important that you seek medical care. If you do have a serious injury, be sure to reach out to the experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyers at the office of El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers.

Headache After a Car Accident: What Does it Mean?

There are dozens of reasons why people get headaches, including stress. After a car accident, this could be the precise cause of a headache – car accidents are very stressful. But in some cases, a headache is a sign of a more serious injury. Two of the most common car accident injuries that often cause headaches include:

  • Whiplash injury. A whiplash injury occurs when the head is snapped back and forth in a car accident in a whip-like motion as a result of the vehicle coming to a quick stop or being impacted with force. Whiplash is a type of soft tissue injury to the neck that can be serious and debilitating. Whiplash is often a delayed-onset injury, which means that it’s not always immediately apparent to the sufferer; one of the first signs of whiplash is a headache. 
  • Concussion injury. Another serious injury that is common in a car accident is a concussion, a type of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Like whiplash, a concussion may not be immediately evident – it could take hours or even days for symptoms to set in. A headache is one of the first and most common symptoms.

Getting Medical Treatment After a Crash

You may think that having a headache is no big deal after a crash, and is even expected. While this may be true, there’s no way to rule out other, more serious conditions–like whiplash or a concussion–without seeking medical care. Getting medical care in the hours following your crash can provide peace of mind that you’re either a) not suffering from something more serious or b) getting the treatment that you need. 

Was Your Headache Indicative of Something More Serious?

If you were in a crash and suffered a headache that turned out to be a symptom of a more serious injury, you may now be facing high medical bills, lost wages, and other economic and noneconomic costs. At the law office of El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers, our team can help you to get the compensation award you deserve. Our process starts with a free case consultation – call our law office or send us a message to learn more and get started. We work on a contingency fee basis.