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What Do I Do If The Other Driver’s Insurance Company Contacts Me?

Many people assume it’s safe to speak with the insurance company when they’ve been involved in an accident even if the insurance company represents the at-fault driver. According to your insurance company and most personal injury attorneys, you should never speak to the insurance company of the at-fault driver. Insurance agents are highly trained to ask questions designed to trick you into providing answers that might hurt your case. Agents work very hard to make you trust them, to get you thinking they’re on your side looking to help you in the middle of this horrible time in your life, and you could say something they can use against you to deny your claim and leave you without any compensation to repair your vehicle.

What to Do If The Insurance Company Contacts You

If you are involved in a car accident caused by someone else, do not speak to the other insurance company. You can call and file a report, but do not speak to them if they call you. Your best option is to speak to your own insurance company to find out what to say and do or to contact a personal injury attorney. This kind of attorney will speak to the insurance company on your behalf. Our company knows their scare tactics, and we are well-versed in the law. We know what they might do, how they will try to work your case, and what you can do to stop them from taking advantage of you.

If the other insurance agency does call, do not respond. If you happen to answer the phone, kindly inform them you will have your attorney contact them with the answers to their question. One thing to be very careful not to do is sign anything or offer any verbal agreements when speaking to this company.

At-fault driver’s insurance companies don’t want to pay the bill to have your car fixed or your medical bills paid. They want to get out of this and save some money. One thing they are very good at doing is getting victims to sign a release so the insurance company can access their medical records. This is not something you are legally required to do, nor do this need this information to proceed with their case. They’ll make it sound as if they need this to finish your claim, but don’t give them permission.

Insurance Companies and Medical Records

By granting the insurance company permission to access your medical records, you’re granting them permission to look into your medical records from the time you were born, not just the records associated with your accident. The reason they want this information is to find out if you ever had any injuries or conditions they can claim were pre-existing and the cause of your injuries so they’re not required to pay.

For example, if you were injured as a child playing sports and have a back condition and hurt your back in the accident, the insurance company an argue that your pre-existing back condition is the real issue here, and the accident had nothing to do with it. This means your case could go awry and you might not receive any compensation for the accident. You don’t want this.

If you receive any calls from the other insurance company, don’t answer the phone or hire a personal injury attorney to speak to them on your behalf. It’s the best way to avoid giving away personal information or anything that might damage your case if there is any problem with it. You shouldn’t lose a case because an insurance company tricked you into losing it yourself.

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