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Downey Personal Injury Lawyers

Downey Personal Injury Lawyers

About 30,000 people are killed in car accidents every year, and about three million are injured. The number one injury in all those accidents is whiplash. While most people have heard of it, few know anything more than it is a neck injury. Whiplash occurs when the neck moves back and forth quickly and forcefully, which typically happens in rear-end collisions. Most people with this type of soft tissue damage recover within a few weeks or months, but some have chronic damage with long-term and expensive consequences.

Whiplash That Lasts

If you are diagnosed with whiplash after a car accident, you will likely experience the most common symptom, which is neck pain. You could also have headaches, a stiff neck, a loss of the range of motion in your neck and numbness or tingling in your arms. Some whiplash sufferers experience dizziness, blurred vision and ringing in the ears. If these symptoms aren’t bad enough, some people with whiplash experience trouble concentrating and memory problems.

Imagine living with these symptoms for a few weeks or a few months. That would actually be good news to the estimated 25 percent of whiplash sufferers living with chronic pain from their injury. Now, imagine being in a car accident, getting whiplash and never getting better. These are the people who need a lawyer to help them get compensation for their lifetime of pain and suffering.

How Lawyers Treat Whiplash

Lawyers don’t treat whiplash the way a doctor does, but the treatment a good attorney offers does help ease a patient’s suffering. Typically, if a person’s injuries from a car accident are short-term, they can expect damages to cover medical expenses during their brief illness. But, if those injuries cause health problems that have an unknown and uncertain ending, what then? How can a victim be compensated when the cost of their damages is unknown? They get the best legal representation available. A good lawyer will fight for what’s right, which is whatever amount is necessary to provide for the victim’s needs.

El Dabe Law Firm Can Help

El Dabe has a team of experienced car accident attorneys who understand the law regarding auto crashes and how injuries affect the outcome of settlements. Sometimes an injury does not show up immediately, and sometimes an injury gets worse before it gets better. With an injury like whiplash, the initial costs include a diagnosis, which includes the doctor’s exam, X-rays, MRIs and CT scans. Treatment can include over-the-counter and prescription medicines, injections and physical therapy. That’s just for the cases where whiplash clears up quickly. Our attorneys make sure these medical expenses are not a burden to our clients.

We are even more aggressive in our pursuit of client compensation when whiplash has a long-term outlook. When it’s chronic pain, it could be caused by damage to a facet joint or disc injury, or both. Since the pain is chronic, the auto accident victim will be paying for medicine indefinitely. Medicine will only treat the symptoms. Chronic whiplash will stay with the victim and could lead to other problems, such as anxiety or depression. Chronic whiplash sufferers are often treated with antidepressants.

It’s a long and difficult road for those who get whiplash from a car accident, but they don’t have to travel it alone. We at El Dabe are here to help with expert legal counsel and aggressive pursuit of your rights and compensation.

Why You Need a Lawyer

If you have whiplash as a result of a car accident, and it lasts indefinitely, legal action may be the only way you get compensated for the years of pain and suffering in your future. What a lawyer understands but you may not is that there are usually time limits on filing lawsuits and documents to support the case. Lawyers also understand the legal rules and regulations in California, how much potential damages are available for victims and how to prove the liability of the person responsible for the accident.

Having the right lawyer on your side could be the difference in you receiving complete compensation and you just getting a settlement. El Dabe’s team of Downey personal injury lawyers is ready to take on your case and fight for you. Call us to find out how we can help.

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