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Do You Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

The aftermath of an accident can often be overwhelming. You might be confused about how to proceed with your treatment and personal injury claim. Essentially, no one case is like the next. 

Some personal injury cases are straightforward and can usually be settled with the insurance company or at-fault party, without involving an attorney. Others, however, will call for expert legal representation from top Huntington Beach Personal Injury Lawyers at El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers.

When Do You Not Need a Lawyer?

As mentioned, not every situation calls for legal representation. Some scenarios where you might not need a personal injury attorney include where:

  •       No One Was Hurt

One element you need to prove to receive compensation is damage. If no one was injured in an accident and there was no property damage, you have no grounds to file a personal injury claim. That said, you should be careful not to diagnose your injuries too early. Late-occurring symptoms are common in accident injuries.

  •       The Projected Settlement Amount is Minimal

If you project that you will receive a small settlement amount, there is no need to hire an attorney. This is because the legal fees could reduce your final compensation even further.

  •       The Offered Amount Is Fair

If you believe the amount being offered by the insurance company covers all your losses, you might not have to hire an attorney. You can, however, consult with one if you’re not sure of what you deserve.

When Do You Need a Lawyer?

Contact an attorney immediately if you:

  •      Incurred Severe Injuries

If your injuries are severe, your medical bills will likely be more substantial. You might also spend more time away from work, resulting in more lost wages. An attorney can project your expected losses and ensure you get compensated for all of them.

  •      Sustained Permanently Disabling Injuries

A permanent condition will require extensive treatment, rehabilitation, and long-term care. It could also affect your earning ability. While these costs can be difficult to pin down, an experienced attorney can calculate the worth of your injuries.

  •       Multiple Parties Were Involved

The at-fault driver is not always solely to blame for an accident. If your case involves multiple liable parties, an attorney can help you keep track of your claims. This includes situations where different parties were injured and are seeking damages.

  •       Liability Is Not Clear

In unclear situations, insurance companies will always try to deny liability. An attorney can protect you from cross and counterclaims. 

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

The answer to “do I need a personal injury attorney?is it depends. If your case falls under the situations described here, you should seek immediate legal representation. If not, you could settle your case with the insurance company and get on with your life.

The experienced attorneys at El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers offer a free consultation. Seek professional advice before proceeding with your claim. Contact our offices today to learn your legal options and secure compensation.