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Determining Fault in a Driverless Car Accident

If you have been involved in a driverless car accident, you know how complicated it can get. When a car has a driver, it can be very easy to determine fault. The era of driverless cars is here and it comes with lots of questions. After years of research, autonomous cars are now a reality on public roads. One of the most common questions regarding them is ‘Who is at fault in an accident with a driverless car?’ if you have been in one, seek the help of Los Angeles car accident attorneys as soon as you can. 

Who is at Fault in a Driverless Car Accident?

94% of accidents in non-autonomous car crashes happen due to human error. That means that driverless cars can prevent lots of road accidents once the technology is perfected. However, driverless cars continue to cause many accidents. The vehicles can crash into conventional cars, other autonomous vehicles, pedestrians, or road signs. In such cases, determining fault is not a straightforward process.

 When you decide to buy a car, you become legally liable for it. However, autonomous cars can be slightly different. You may require the services of Los Angeles car accident attorneys when determining who is at fault. 

 When an autonomous car has been in an accident, the companies behind its software and hardware are considered liable. The fault does not always lie on the owner of the car or their insurance provider. It is the manufacturer’s duty to assess the car and ensure that it is safe for use. If they are not completely confident in the ability of their car to be safe on the road, it shouldn’t be released to the public. 

 Since autonomous vehicles are still mostly in test mode, they are not completely autonomous yet. They still require the attention of a human. In many driverless car accidents, the owner failed to disengage autopilot mode. In such instances, they may be responsible for the accident.

 Driverless vehicles lack a driver, they may not even have a steering wheel. If there is a passenger, there is nothing they can do to prevent the accident. The manufacturers are obviously responsible. 

 The fault may fall on the owner if they failed to observe the manufacturer’s instructions on maintenance. Like other vehicle owners, the manufacturers of autonomous vehicles have the responsibility of maintaining their cars. 

 Just like with conventional car accidents, autonomous car accidents are different. The details of the accident must be considered to determine where the fault lies. 

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