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Chula Vista Motorcycle and Bicycle Accident Lawyers

When it comes to different types of vehicular accidents, motorcycle accidents leave you the most vulnerable. Not only are you not enclosed like you would be in a car, but you are also not strapped in and might be thrown from your bike. Not does the fundamental design of the bike make you more vulnerable than you would be in other modes of transportation, but the fact that most motorcycle accidents happen due to the negligence of other drivers only adds to the risk. In most cases, drivers will state that they never saw the bike coming. There are many accidents at high speeds involving motorcycles where the culprit was just a person trying to make a lane change and failing to check their blind spot.

To make matters worse, insurance companies are very quick to judge cyclists at fault more than other drivers. Being on a motorcycle is a risky behavior according to some insurance companies, and therefore they are quick to say that you were the cause of the accident rather than looking more deeply into the root cause of your incident. When this happens, getting in contact with a personal injury lawyer may be the only solution for you.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

When it comes to a bad accident and an insurance company that is reluctant to pay, the answer is a resounding “yes.” You have to think about the well-being of yourself and your family if you get into an accident. You will likely have to go to the hospital. You will be given medications, and the doctors and nurses will spend their valuable time getting you back in tip-top shape. You may have to undergo a surgery or two, and you are probably going to have to get involved in a physical therapy session or rehabilitation in order to get your muscles functioning again. All of these things are extremely expensive, and not many families have the wherewithal to pay these bills as they come in.

To make matters worse, your ability to go back to work may be hindered by your accident. If you are injured severely enough, you might actually be permanently disabled. You are going to lose out on all of the wages that you would have earned. This means that not only will the total amount of your bills increase, but your ability to pay them will essentially be gone. This is the point when most families feel like there is nothing left that they can do besides declare bankruptcy. The correct thing to do at this moment is call a personal injury lawyer.

What Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Do for Me?

Lawyers are there to protect you from the people that are trying to keep your compensation from you. These parties can be the insurance companies, other drivers, or anyone else that may have had a hand in the accident but are refusing to pay you for their mistakes. These lawyers will look at all of the information regarding your accident and try to find a way to prove that there were circumstances outside of your control. They may also be able to show that someone else was responsible for the accident, such as a city that failed to fill it its potholes or a driver that was too negligent to turn on his turn signal. Whatever the circumstances around your case are, these lawyers will find them and get you compensated.

One of the best law firms in Southern California is the El Dabe Law Firm. The El Dabe Law Firm has been serving Chula Vista and the surrounding communities for a long time. The have well-trained and experienced staff that has seen the worse injuries and accidents imaginable. The lawyers at El Dabe will use their knowledge of the local laws and codes to work with the system instead of against it, getting you a verdict in the most efficient and effective manner. They have already helped many clients get millions of dollars in restitution, and they can help you with your motorcycle accident and injuries as well. There is no reason to add stress to your situation. Call a Chula Vista motorcylce/bicycle lawyer and get the compensation that you deserve right away.

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