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Chino Hills Motorcycle and Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Riders on motorcycles and bicycles face extra risks of injury on the road due to their physical exposure. Drivers of cars and trucks are also notoriously prone to not seeing a cyclist, especially when pulling out into traffic or turning left. A person hit while on their motorcycle or bicycle might suffer severe injuries. When that person desires answers about the cause of the accident and the possibility of recovering damages, a lawyer serving the Chino Hills area could investigate the case.

In the aftermath of an accident, trauma and recovery from injuries will consume the attention of the victim and family. Everyone will focus on communicating with doctors, waiting for the injury victim to come home, and learning what to do next for rehabilitation therapy. In some cases, the victim’s immediate loss of income could cause bills for basic expenses like utilities and rent to pile up while new bills for emergency rescue and hospitalization increase financial pressures.

A motorcycle or accident victim might not have the physical or emotional wherewithal to track details about the crash or wrangle with an insurance company. A lawyer who knows the legal standards for proving negligence in accident cases could relieve the victim of the need to struggle through paperwork or collect evidence.

The El Dabe Law Firm offers people hurt while riding their bikes in Chino Hills the type of services needed after an accident. As a law firm that focuses entirely on personal injury accident claims, the legal team understands the delay tactics typically used by insurance companies. With representation from this firm, a client gains a lawyer willing to study the details of an insurance policy held by the negligent party that caused the accident. This effort could allow the lawyer to identify specific benefits and maximum amounts payable for certain types of claims.

With legal support, an accident victim will be relieved of burdensome activities such as:

  • Attempting to get through to the right person at an insurance company
  • Pulling pertinent details out of a police accident report
  • Estimating long-term medical expenses
  • Preparing paperwork for a court filing

A Chino Hills Motorcycle and Bicycle accidentlawyer might also act to strengthen a personal injury case by consulting independent experts. An accident reconstruction specialist might be hired by the law firm to provide testimony. For example, the specialist could evaluate tire marks and physical damage on a motorcycle or bicycle and estimate the speed of the vehicle that struck the victim. This information could be especially important if law enforcement did not provide any details about speed.

Furthermore, a low settlement offer from the responsible party might be challenged by a lawyer. Testimony obtained from medical experts might justify a higher settlement amount by explaining the extent of injuries. A long recovery time might also be justified so that the victim can regain normal functioning.

The stakes for an injury case can be very high. In some cases, a victim might not ever recover the same physical or mental abilities as before the accident. This could seriously impact the person’s long-term income. Medical expenses could easily reach into the tens of thousands of dollars, if not more, and the inability to go to work can quickly deplete a person’s savings. The attention of a lawyer might enable a victim to collect compensation that will prevent financial hardship.

A lawyer can provide extensive assistance throughout the process of suing a responsible party for damages. In addition to preparing all court paperwork, negotiating for a settlement, and providing courtroom representation when necessary, the El Dabe Law Firm maintains relationships with service providers who can support accident victims. The lawyer could arrange for vehicle repairs or recommend medical specialists.

An evaluation from an accident lawyer could help a person get life back on track after a traumatic event. Reputable representatives of motorcycle or bicycle accident victims, like those at the El Dabe Law Firm, do not charge fees unless the victim recovers damages.

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