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Chino Hills Car Accident Lawyers

Car accidents in and around Chino Hills result everyday life for people from all walks of life being turned upside down. Chino Hills car accident lawyers, like the legal team at the El Dabe Law Firm, help injured people negotiate an appropriate settlement or effectively litigate a personal injury lawsuit. Engaging a skilled car accident attorney works to ensure that an injured person does now make fatal mistakes in the settlement negotiation or litigation processes.

Common Mistakes Chino Hills Car Accident Lawyers Help Injured People Avoid

One of the key reasons an injured person negotiating a car accident claim on his or her own ends up without an appropriate settlement is the mistakes the claimant makes along the way. There is a common list of mistakes commonly made by an unrepresented injured person during the claims settlement process.

Being overeager to settle a claim is a natural tendency, but it can be imprudent. One strategy used by insurance companies to settle a valid car accident claim for an amount below what it actually is worth is to try to box thee injured person into settling quickly.

As a means of accomplishing such an objective, an insurance claims adjuster may pronounce that “this is the best we can do” very early on during the negotiation process. Rarely is that the case. However, unlike experienced Chino Hills Personal injury lawyers, an injured person has no reference point. Without experience in personal injury law and car accident cases, an injured person has not concept of what is not a reasonable settlement offer.

Another mistake injured people commonly make during the claims settlement negotiation process is proposing a dollar amount that is far too high. There can be no doubt that a car accident can have devastating consequences for an injured person. In many ways, no dollar amount will ever make up for the injuries, damages, and losses sustained.

Nonetheless, insurance companies and personal injury attorneys can, and do, place dollar amounts on certain types of losses, even pain and suffering. If an injured person proposed a settlement dollar amount that is way off the mark, an insurance company may not respond at all. An insurance company may conclude that this particular claimant is not serious about settling the case.

Knowing what a case is worth is another area in which Chino Hills car accident lawyers are vitally helpful to victims of car accidents. These professionals are able to negotiate firmly and effectively, but within reasonable parameters.

A recurring mistake made by unrepresented injured individuals is missed deadlines associated with insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits. Insurance policies and California laws establish specific time frames that play roles in the negotiation and litigation of cases involving car accidents.

One key deadline is what is called the statute of limitations, a California law. The statute of limitations establishes a date certain by which a lawsuit must be filed in a car accident case. Missing the deadline will preclude an injured person from other pursuing a lawsuit to obtain necessary compensation for car accident injuries.

Types of Car Accident Compensation

At the heart of keeping negotiations on course is the ultimate objective to ensure an injured person obtains comprehensive compensation to cover all of his or her losses. Although the specifics of what is necessary in the way of compensation differs from one case to another, there are about a half dozen types of losses that exist in almost every car accident case:

  • medical bills
  • lost wages
  • pain and suffering
  • emotional distress

An injured person is likely in entitled to compensation beyond current loses. The injured individual is also likely entitled to compensation for losses reasonably expected to be incurred in the future.

Retain Chino Hills Car Accident Lawyers

The El Dabe Law Firm law firm maintains an experienced legal team, including skilled Chino Hills car accident lawyers. If a person is facing settlement negotiations with an insurance company over car accident losses, serious and proactive consideration must be given to retaining a lawyer from the El Dabe Law Firm.

More information on the specific benefits of hiring an attorney from the El Dabe Law Firm can be fleshed out during a no-cost initial consultation. An attorney will evaluate a case and provide ideas on strategies to negotiate a reasonable settlement.

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