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Carson Car Accident Lawyers

Every year, an estimated two million people are killed in the United States in car accidents. Out of all of the states, California has the highest number of car accidents of any state except for Texas. While Los Angeles ranks high on the list of traffic fatalities, other cities like Carson also have problems.

Common Car Accident Injuries in Carson

There are many injuries that can happen in a car accident, but most people will experience whiplash, head injuries, fractures, back problems or neck injuries. Whiplash is extremely common and happens when another vehicle slams into a car. Often, the injured party does not even realize that they have been injured. Whiplash injuries may only become obvious when other pains in the neck and back start to happen.

During a car accident, individuals may also experience head, neck or back injuries. When seatbelts are not fastened properly, the passengers and driver may end up hitting the dashboard and the steering wheel. This can also lead to memory loss, headaches and blurred vision. Depending on the impact, individuals can also develop a fractured disc in their back. Fractures in the hips and legs are also common during a collision. That is why it is so important that you contact a Carson car accident lawyer.

What Causes a Car Accident to Happen?

Normally, a car accident is caused by one of three things. Negligence is by far the most common reason for an accident. Someone was not paying attention while driving, and they were oblivious to the road conditions. In addition, some car accidents are caused by a product liability. A defective tire, faulty blinkers or other manufacturing issues could be at fault. While the manufacturer lacks the intent to cause harm, they can still be held at fault for the accident.

Other than product liability and negligence, the last main cause of car accidents is intoxication or speeding. In both cases, the driver knew that there was a condition that should have stopped them from driving. Rather than call a sober friend or follow the speed limit, the driver put other vehicles at risk.

How Can El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers Help?

When you are involved in an accident, your first step is to always call for medical help. Remember that some medical issues like whiplash may not show up for hours or days after the car accident. While you may think that you have just bruised your wrist or neck, it could be more serious. Make sure to get fully checked out by medical professionals for any injury that you sustained.

There are many factors that can cause a car accident to happen. With a lawyer, you can identify the factors that played a role in your accident. Your lawyer will look at the weather conditions at the time, the other driver’s behavior and other factors in the accident. Through your attorney, you can get help to uncover the responsibility that you or anyone else have for the accident. To file an insurance claim or receive damages, you must first show that your accident is the responsibility of someone else.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

California has many laws regarding car accidents. At El Dabe Law Firm, we have experience dealing with the legal requirements in the state. Our experienced car accident attorneys can help your situation. This experience has enabled us to become familiar with topics like non-insured and underinsured drivers. We are known for being the leading car accident law firm in the area because of our experience in filing papers, handling car accident cases and achieving optimal results.

At the initial consultation, we will discuss the different ways that we can achieve results in your particular case. Once we decide on the best way to proceed, you can expect dedicated representation, experience and skills to be working on your side. The legal system can be difficult to navigate alone, so we are here to help you work toward a full recovery. Call our Carson car accident lawyers to get started.

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