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FAQ: Can I Switch Personal Injury Lawyers?

When you hire a lawyer to handle your personal injury case, he has a duty. He is hired to handle your case, investigate facts and attempt to obtain the compensation you deserve. There are occasions, however, when a lawyer may not be holding up to his responsibilities, and you may need another lawyer.

Issues between lawyer and client

Issues may arise between a lawyer and a client. For instance, a lawyer should communicate with the client. Regardless of whether he has confirmed any information or moved any closer to settlement, he should communicate when you call or email. If you request to meet with him, he should find time to meet with you even if it’s for a short time. If he has an overload of cases and can’t give yours the proper time it deserves, it may be time to find another lawyer.

Your lawyer’s competence is another important factor. If he can’t answer questions responsibly and professionally, you may need to find a new lawyer. If your relationship with your lawyer isn’t on good terms, step back and take a look. A lawyer shouldn’t necessarily become your friend, but he should have a good, professional relationship with you and respect your case.

If your trust in your lawyer is lacking, this is serious and is a sure sign you should probably find a new one. Lawyers have ethics they should uphold, and you should be able to trust him fully with your personal information and case.

Ethical rules for lawyers

You want to check the ethics of your lawyer to ensure that he is performing to the state’s standards. Check his credentials and ensure that there are no conflicts of interest. Confidentiality is another important ethic a lawyer should uphold, and he should safeguard your personal property such as funds. These should be kept in an account separate from his own. Ensure that your bill is adequate and that the case is moving along as it should.

How to change lawyers

First of all, you should contact the court that is handling your case and request the permission to switch lawyers. If your case hasn’t been assigned to a court yet, this won’t be an issue. Your next steps should go as follows:

  • Read thoroughly through your contract.
  • Fire the lawyer
  • Write a formal letter to the lawyer
  • Hire a new lawyer

Thoroughly view your contract to understand the terms and what the legalities are. When you fire your lawyer, be sure to write a formal letter to his office explaining why and pay any unpaid balances that you owe. If you provided any payment upfront, ask for that to be returned and for your files. If you haven’t found a new lawyer by your court date, you can request a continuance of your case. Do your research, and hire a personal injury lawyer that best suits your needs and has the knowledge and experience you need.


When you are involved in an accident, the stress and suffering is enough for anyone to endure. You should hire a lawyer that is empathetic to your situation and upholds his ethical standards. He should represent you in the best light because your case is as important as any other.

Communication is crucial between a lawyer and client, and you want to ensure that his credentials are at a professional level. If you feel your lawyer is not upholding proper standards and morals for your case, you have a right to hire an attorney who will give you the representation you deserve.

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