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FAQ: Can I resolve the case without hiring a personal injury attorney?

It is true that people resolve a good number of personal injury cases without hiring lawyers. Compensation is often awarded before going to court while some people go to court and win the amounts they sue for without hiring themselves. Self-representation is far much cheaper than hiring lawyers. Personal injury lawyers take one-third of any compensated amounts as their contingency fees.

Situations that suit self-representation

Most enterprises and even private parties that are liable to lawsuits do not like litigation. They would prefer settling anytime they get the chance to. In situations where a person demands small amounts of money for compensation, they most likely will negotiate and settle. However, when an incident is serious and holds the potential of ruining their reputation, setting precedence for extortion or could lead to a large settlement fee, they tend to defend their interests aggressively through court mitigation. In such cases, it is more advisable to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to increase your chance of winning.
Some individuals still beat the biggest insurance companies with the best lawyers in the field. They do so without lawyers not because they are so organized, knowledgeable and shrewd. They simply win because all indicators point at the defense for being at fault. When the other party is obviously responsible for your personal injury, it might make sense to represent yourself in a mitigation process.

The most important step of winning a settlement

At the very moment, an incident occurs leading personal injury, get as much evidence as possible and as soon as you can. CCTV surveillance, medical reports and incident reports from security guards need to be documented. Do not share the information with the other party until when compelled to do so by a court. Depending on the state of your residence, take time before writing your demand letter. If possible, send the demand letter a few day before the legal period for staking claims in your state expires. Take the time to ponder on the impact the incidence and the injuries inflicted on you have had on your life. Aspects of your life to take into consideration when valuing your claim include:

  • Special property damages
  • Lost earnings
  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering

The demand letter you send to the insurance or the person liable for your injuries should state:

• Reasons making the defense liable for your personal injuries
• The injuries endured and the expense of treating such injuries
• All financial and social implications of the injuries inflicted
There is never truly a winner in personal injury cases. Time and money are valuable resources expended.

Some of the financial costs that the plaintiff endures include court charges, doctor examinations and professional interviewing by expert witnesses for law courts. Therefore, if a chance ever comes up where you could settle a compensation dispute outside court, it is best to do so.
However, if you feel your claim is worth more than the expenses that litigation could cost and the defense is not willing to compromise, you should consider if the ability of the defense to pay up. If you are contemplating suing an insurance company, then it makes sense. However, some private parties have no money or salable assets valuing as much as the worth of your claim.

Though self-representation is much cheaper than hiring a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, it could prove much more beneficial to work with experienced contingency personal injury lawyers. The mere fact that they get paid only when they win assures of their best input. They are more likely to win cases than you do. They will also likely improve the value of your claim. They easily work with the loads of confusing paperwork mandatory for these kinds of cases. Therefore, if a claim really counts, do not opt to represent yourself in negotiations or litigation.

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