What do Police Officers do at Accident Scenes?



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What can I expect the police officer to do at the accident scene?

The first thing you do when a car accident occurs is call the police. Chances are you’re not the first person to report an accident, but you shouldn’t make the decision not to call just because you assume someone else called for you. There are several good reasons to call the police following an accident, and there is never an accident in which you should avoid alerting the police.

Benefits of Calling the Police

When an accident occurs, you’re not in the right frame of mind. You are confused, shocked, and you’re probably experiencing thoughts at a rapid pace. Police will come to the scene and process it, photograph it, document it, and do all the things you might not remember to do.

  • Police photograph the scene from every angle
  • The speak to witnesses
  • They examine car position and determine who is at-fault
  • They provide you with the help you need if you require it
  • They present you with an official police report

When the police arrive, they determine who caused the accident, speak to witnesses, and collect evidence. They also provide you with a police report that proves there was an accident involving you and another person. If the other driver decides to deny they were involved in the accident so their insurance company doesn’t have to pay or raise your raises, the police report makes it impossible for them to deny they were involved. Without a police report, they can deny all they want and leave you without an approved insurance claim.

What Do Police Officers Do?

If you’ve never been involved in an accident, you might be unfamiliar with the job they have at the scene of an accident. Police offices are busy at accident scenes, and they have a lot to do to protect you and the person who was at-fault.

Speaking to witnesses is a job they do. If anyone stops after seeing the accident occur, the officers who respond to the accident take their personal information, they get their contact information, and they add their statements to their report.

Police officers also take photos of the accident. This helps if the other driver decides to pretend he or she didn’t have anything to do with causing the accident. Any evidence is good evidence if another driver makes the decision to deny their responsibility in the accident, and it makes your life much easier when police do this for you.

Another important thing officers do is conduct field sobriety tests. If they have any reason to believe anyone involved in an accident is under the influence, they’ll handle that. If a driver is drunk, they’ll be arrested and it makes your case much simpler to prove. They can also require people are transported to local hospitals to undergo blood tests to determine if they are sober.

Police officers who come to the scene of an accident might also write tickets. This happens when someone was breaking the law, and it happens when the driver is at-fault. Most drivers are issued a ticket they can pay and be done with, but others might have to appear in court if they are issued a more serious ticket.

Other jobs officers do when they are called to a scene includes facilitating the clean-up associated with an accident, notifying family of an accident if the person is unable to notify them because of serious injuries or death, and they are there to comfort those who need it. The job of an officer at a crash scene is never done, and it’s not limited. They have a duty when they arrive on the scene of an accident, but they also have a chance to do what’s needed, whether it’s comforting scared children or helping to rescue anyone trapped in a car.

The job officers do during an accident is priceless, and that’s why you want them notified right away. Do not forgo notifying the police of an accident. They are there to help you, and they are there to ensure you are cared for in a situation when things aren’t going your way.

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