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Camarillo Car Accident Lawyers

Being involved in a car accident can be a very traumatic experience no matter how many years of driving experience you may have. How you handle yourself immediately after an accident can have a direct effect on whether you are able to recover for your personal injuries or if your claim is left unpaid. You need to be armed with the proper information so that you do not prejudice your chances of recovering the amount you are owed based on the damages that you suffer from a car crash. That is why you should contact an experienced Camarillo Car Accident Lawyer.

What You Should Avoid Doing After a Car Accident

Everyone handles the stress from an accident differently. It may be difficult for you to remember to say as little as possible right after being involved in an auto accident. This is not to say that you can avoid cooperating with the police. You should answer all questions from the responding police officer fully and truthfully. However, you should be sure not to volunteer up any more information than what you are specifically asked.

Before you sign any documents at the scene of a Camarillo car accident, you should consult with an attorney and your insurance company first. This is very important because if another driver is at fault, he or she may try to get you to settle on the spot before you have a chance to adequately evaluate any injuries. If you sign anything, you could prejudice your right to fully recover for the injuries you have sustained.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately if You Suffer Even a Minor Injury

The shock of being hit by a car can keep you from being fully aware of the extent of your injuries in the heat of the moment. You should not delay seeking a medical evaluation of your injuries. The longer you wait to be examined by a doctor, the harder time you will eventually have in proving the extent of your injuries. Following your doctor visit you should contact a Camarillo car accident lawyer.

If you are given recommendations from a doctor or other medical provider, be sure to comply with them fully. If you fail to follow the doctor’s orders, it could come up at a later point that you failed to mitigate your damages, which means that you did not do everything you were supposed to in order to facilitate your own recovery. This could end up preventing you from collecting on claims for any medical damages or reduce the amount that you are ultimately awarded in court.

While the paperwork involved may seem overwhelming at first, it is important to keep copies of all documents related to your medical treatment after the accident. This will be crucial for proving that you are entitled to recover for the medical expenses you incurred.

Why El Dabe Law Firm is Your Top Choice for Legal Representation After an Auto Accident in Camarillo, California

Do not make the mistake of underestimating the auto insurance company on the other side of your case. No matter what they tell you or you may think, the auto insurance company does not exist to make sure that your claim is paid properly. They simply want to pay for as little damage as they can.

Auto insurance companies have teams of attorneys who will try to intimidate you into an early settlement that may be far less than what you are entitled to recover for the injuries you suffered in the accident at issue. Do not come to the table unprepared. You need an equally capable legal team on your side so that you are not blindsided by the auto insurance company’s efforts to avoid paying what you are owed.

This is why you should choose the Camarillo car accident lawyers at El Dabe Law Firm to make sure that your rights are adequately protected. We only fight for victims of accidents and have never defended the big insurance companies. We take your case seriously and make sure that you are involved in every step of the way. Clients are always offered a completely free consultation to find out how we can work to recover for you and your family. Contact our Camarillo car accident lawyers to get started today.

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