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Sporting events bring in some of the largest crowds in history. Take the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for example. Its highest venue attendance was a whopping 350,000 people. We all know the sporting event that this venue hosts: The Indianapolis 500, a wildly popular annual racing event that regularly draws in crowds of a quarter-million people. There was also a very well known tragedy there some years ago where some additional scaffolding at the venue collapsed and killed two people who were there to watch the race. Seating at sporting events should be safe, comfortable, and reliable. No one should go to a sporting event for a day of fun and find themselves in a bleacher accident or a fall accident stemming from bad seating.

The construction of bleachers is far too complex to discuss in only a brief article, but suffice it to say that it’s the construction of the seating at events that keeps people safe during their sports viewing. Owners of bleachers that are used during sporting events have a responsibility to regular maintenance those bleachers and to ensure that the design itself is safe and reliable as the years go by. Unsteady bleachers can quickly become a recipe for catastrophe when crowds as large as 350,000 roam about the structures.

When people are watching games or individual sports, they are of course going to be very enthusiastic. They might jump up and down when someone hits a home run or they might casually job down a walkway to grab a quick snack and beverage. Because of this, the designers of bleachers need to take into account the weight not just of the people on them but the amount of activity that’s going to occur when everyone gets together to watch a sporting event. Not only that, but the materials that are used to build the structure need to be able to stand up to weather elements if they’re going to be outdoors. Lawyers don’t know much about the construction of bleachers, of course, but we have learned how tragically things can end when designers and maintenance people fail the folks who attend these sporting events.

Maintenance is a huge part of things for aging bleacher systems. Unless the person who owns the bleachers takes good care to update the bleachers and maintain them over the years, disasters WILL and do happen. We’ve seen far too many of these disasters and witnessed just how much of a human toll it takes when bleacher systems fail or when someone falls from one of these systems. Even a fall can be the fault of a designer who failed to account for the kind of activity that is going to take place on the bleachers once the sporting event begins. We are adamant in our pursuit of justice in these cases. When an entire bleacher system fails, people can even die as a result, and that’s something no family should have to hear news of. When people go to watch sports or individual events like concerts that depend on sturdy bleacher systems, they deserve to be safe. Unfortunately, sometimes the worst occurs and that’s when our job begins.

Investigating a bleacher accident or a fall from or on bleachers is one of the things that we do as personal injury lawyers, and we do it aggressively and well. There’s nothing we won’t do to make sure that our clients are represented fully and heard during their time in the courtroom. If you’ve been injured in a bleacher accident, please don’t hesitate to call our number and request a free consultation with one of our many experienced personal injury lawyers. You’ll be glad that you called on us.

We have a history of getting maximum compensation for our clients in all of our cases. In fact, we never seek anything LESS than the maximum amount of money that you’re owed in one of these cases. Why would we seek less or settle for anything but what you deserve? The answer is: We wouldn’t! And neither should you. Call on us today and get the finest bleacher accident and fall representation that is available in the United States today. We look forward to helping you.