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Bicycle Commuter Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles, CA

Many people all around the United States use their bicycles as a form of transportation when commuting to work or running errands. Also, there are many kids who ride their bikes around town and to school each day. It can be a healthy and affordably way to get around. Bike commuting is on the rise. Unfortunately, the more bicycles that are out on the roads, the more bicycle accidents there will be. It is a sad fact that there are more fatalities with bike accidents than other modes of transportation.

If you have suffered an injury or a loss because of a bike accident, you shouldn’t have to brave the insurance companies without the help of a lawyer. Good bike accident lawyers in Los Angeles understand that getting compensation is necessary to help with the recovery process. They also understand that there are many risks of bicycle commuting with negligent drivers out on the roads and the inherent risks they pose to the bike riders.

Tips For Safe Bike Commuting

Riding a bike in traffic around hundreds of cars each day brings on its own set of unavoidable risks. However, there are some ways in which to stay a little safer while you are out riding. Below are some tips for safe bike commuting.

  • Wear A Helmet- It is essential for your safety to wear a helmet at all times. They can help to reduce the risk of head injuries during accidents by almost eighty-five percent.
  • Wear Bright Clothes- A bicyclist can be harder to spot while out on the roads. Sometimes, they are not noticed until it is too late. While riding, wear bright colors in order to be seen easier. If you are riding during the evening, wear clothes with reflective fabrics or a vest with reflectors on it.
  • Light Up- If you ride at night, use a flashlight or put some rear lights on your bike to help drivers see you out on the roads.
  • Stay Off Busy Streets- Try to avoid commuting on streets during busy times of day or night. During rush hour, there will be the most amount of vehicles on the road and driver are usually driving more aggressively than other times of day.
  • Follow Traffic Rules- Anyone riding a bike is required by law to follow the rules of the road in the same manner as a vehicle. This includes having to stop at stop signs and red lights as well.
  • Be Cautious- Most of the accidents that occur with bike riders are because a vehicle’s driver was negligent or distracted and doesn’t notice the bicyclist until they have hit them. While riding, ride in a way that you can be seen at all times to prevent an accident from occurring.

How To Properly Handle Bike Accidents That Occur

Handling an accident where a bike is involved is a time sensitive manner. Even if you weren’t seriously injured and are able to get up after being hit, you need to collect the information of all other parties involved. If you were seriously hurt and have an ambulance called, ask the police to get information about all involved as well. No matter what, it is important for you to be seen by a doctor to get checked out. If you fail to get checked by a doctor, you will not have an easy time getting compensation for your accident, even if you are hurt. Time is of the essence to get compensated for your injuries and lost wages that you might have missed out on while injured.

After the accident and being checked out by a doctor, it is important to hire the help of a reputable bike accident attorney. They will work with you to explain your options and your rights. Never talk to the insurance company before sitting down with a lawyer. You could end up giving them information that could be harmful to your case. An experienced lawyer will build you a case that is solid to get you what you rightfully deserve in your bicycle accident case. Most reputable lawyers offer you free initial consultations. There is no reason not to meet with an attorney after being involved in a bike commuter involved car accident.