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Back Pain after a Slip and Fall

Back pain is common after a slip and fall accident. Many victims instantly feel a sharp pain or twinge in their back once they fall. Others might develop stiffness in their backs over the days following the accident. Regardless of when you feel pain, get to the doctor’s office to have your back checked and your fall documented. Many back injuries and the resultant pain will increase over time if not treated properly, so prompt medical care is in your best interest.

How Slip and Fall Accidents Injure Your Back

There are two primary ways a person will injure their back in a slip in fall:

  • Traumatic impact with the ground. Landing flat on your back can put tremendous pressure on the spine, leading to serious back injury. The trauma of landing causes the damage, which might get worse due to lack of care and treatment.
  • Wrenching your back to avoid a fall. When some people trip or slip, they wrench their upper body to the side to avoid a fall. This jarring movement can also cause injury. You might avoid the fall, but you still feel back pain.

Types of Back Injuries

Our clients have suffered some disabling injuries when they fall, such as:

  • Tailbone (Coccyx) fracture. Landing on your butt can fracture your tailbone. You should feel immediate discomfort when sitting.  This is one of the most painful types of injuries and takes a long time to heal. 
  • Spine fracture. vertebrae are positioned up and down your back. . You can fracture one when you slam onto the ground. Spinal fractures are very difficult to treat and can lead to paralysis.  These types of injuries require Physical Therapy rest and potentially surgery to heal. 
  • Nerve damage. Nerves branch off the spinal cord and exit through spaces in the spinal column. However, traumatic injury can narrow the openings and cause constant pain. Surgery might be required to relieve pressure on the nerve root.
  • Herniated or bulging disc. The pads between your vertebrae can be damaged in a fall. Some are displaced, while others rupture. These pads are critical to a properly functioning spine, so any injury can cause intense pain.
  • Soft-tissue injury. A person can sprain or strain muscles, ligaments, or tendons in their back when they wrench it. The inflammation causes pain and can even lead to a pinched nerve.

Diagnosing a Back Injury

You might end up flat in the emergency room because you feel pain. But how will a doctor treat you?

First, a doctor needs to see what is wrong. A doctor should ask questions about the type of pain you feel and order imaging tests such as x-rays or MRIs to actually look at the back. With an X-ray, a doctor can see all the bones and identify any fractures.

Pain management is critical following a slip and fall. Without proper care, some people find it impossible to sleep, which contributes to irritability and depression. Stay in constant contact with your doctor about how you are feeling as you attempt to rehab a back injury.

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