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Average Personal Injury Claim Amounts in Los Angeles, Calif.

If a negligent party causes you to get injured, you will probably want to know how much you can receive in compensation. Personal injury claim amounts will often vary from case to case. A victim who sustains a permanent disability will likely receive a higher settlement than one who gets away with minor bruises. That said, knowing what goes into calculating damages can give you an idea of what to expect.

Remember, no two personal injury claims are the same. The best way to determine how much your case is worth is to consult a Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney with El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers.

Average Settlement Amounts

A personal injury case can settle for as little as a few thousand dollars. However, a good number of them settle for more. The average personal injury settlement amount lies between $3,000 and $75,000. The exact amount will often depend on the severity of your injuries and the proof available for your case. Most cases will settle around the lower and higher margins.

However, some cases settle for extreme amounts reaching millions of dollars. Such settlements are reserved for cases involving death, paralysis, permanent injury, and complicated surgeries.

On the flip side, some people settle their cases for as low as $1,000. This is common among victims who choose to represent themselves as insurance companies tend to offer less than a case is worth.

Factors That Affect Personal Injury Settlement Amounts

As mentioned, the value of your case will often depend on several factors. No two personal injury claims are the same. Some elements are specific to your case, and likely won’t appear in the next person’s case. The following are some factors that affect settlement amounts:

  •       Nature of Injury

The first and most crucial factor to consider is the nature and severity of your case. The most severe injuries often receive the highest settlements. Generally, this can be attributed to the fact that they require more extensive and costly treatment. They also keep the victim out of work longer and could require aftercare and rehabilitation.

  •   Proof of Fault

You could have suffered a severe spinal cord injury. But, if you can’t prove the other party was at-fault, you might not receive compensation. It is also important to consider your degree of liability if you live in a comparative negligence state. Essentially, you need strong evidence to establish fault. The stronger the evidence, the higher a settlement you will likely receive. 

  •       Insurance Limits

Insurance companies provide liability coverage up to a set limit. If your settlement amount exceeds the at-fault party’s policy limits, the insurer won’t cover it. This could force you to either reduce your ask or turn to the at-fault party’s assets.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

Hiring an attorney has a direct bearing on personal injury claim amounts. According to a survey done by, 91% of respondents who hired an attorney received damages for their claim. Only 51% of unrepresented respondents got compensated.

If you have suffered a personal injury, contact El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers at 888-542-6021 to discuss your rights and obligations with a Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles.