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Los Angeles, CA Attorneys for People Injured Due to Broken Glass and Windshield Impact

The survey shows that many car accident victims suffer from extensive injury as a result of broken glass. Broken glass has been identified as the primary threat to traveling [passengers including bystanders who are outside the vehicle when an accident occurs. The phenomena of flying glass killing or injuring bystanders is not a rare thing. Injury lawyers are known to represent victims of an auto window and windshield glass injuries. It is possible to consult such lawyers at no cost to know how they can help you to get compensation for these injuries.

A case of broken glass injury


Injury resulting from broken glass is usually occasioned by forces from a car crash. When two vehicles collide, they create a major problem that is related to glass. In spite of recent technologies that equip cars with glass that do not shatter n impact, it does not help much when the crash is of high velocity.

Moreover, side and rear view windows are not designed with similar material as those of the windshield and are unable to withstand high impact forces. These glasses fly in all directions during a high-velocity crash.Victims that are caught in the scenario experience broken glass injuries because they are vulnerable and defenseless against such a force They might be bystanders who are not in the car or passengers traveling inside the car at the time of the crash. Most of the injuries include deep cuts, lacerations, shock, severed limbs, and fatality which is caused by excessive bleeding. Among the most common injuries in such situations include

1. Skin cuts – this are less severe injuries caused by broken glass. They are usually referred to as surface-level skin cuts. They are a result of a cut skin that is not cut or torn and which does not penetrate deeper into the body tissues. These injuries require minimum treatment and are not serious in any way. They require procedures such as wound cleaning, stitches and other methods of stopping the bleeding.

2. Deep level lacerations – these usually result because of flying glass penetration into the skin. It results in thick wounds and cuts in the underlying skin tissues and muscle fibers. These type of injury is extremely dangerous because it can lead to amputation or permanent disfigurement.

3. Shock – this is a most common feature of any accident victim which is closely associated with psychological trauma after a collision. It is heavily evident when a victim is conscious that some part of his body is bleeding profusely due to broken glass injuries. The victim becomes traumatic, a condition that is hard to control. These victims can quickly die if the situation is not put under control immediately.

4. Fatality – victims of broken glass will bleed continuously if their arteries are cut. The most dangerous parts that can cause fatality include the neck and legs. Death can occur when a victim, who is bleeding profusely, does not receive immediate attention.

5. Severed limb – flying glass is sharp enough to penetrate through flesh and bone and can completely severe the limb of a victim. This can lead to limb amputation which will cause total permanent disability.

Healing from broken glass


It is true that patients who recover from a fractured glass accident usually have other problems. This is because the scars that are left from a broken glass accident leave unpleasant memories on the victim. This can lead to a lifelong and debilitating pain that cannot be remedied. Furthermore, the victim has an increased risk of infection whenever he is involved in any accidents. There can be an infection such as boils and scars where the glass penetrated and should, therefore, be managed appropriately.

Legal options for glass injury victims


Car accident victims who suffer from injuries from broken glass that have been caused by negligent actions of other parties have the right to file a legal claim against those responsible parties. Such individuals are entities who risk lawsuits include drivers or auto manufacturers whose vehicles have defective designs. It is the responsibility of Los Angeles car accident lawyers to help such victims achieve financial compensation to cover the losses they have undergone as a result of such accidents.