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Los Angeles, CA Attorneys for People Injured in US Xpress Truck Crashes

Over 7,000 drivers are employed by US Xpress, a company located in Chattanooga, Tennessee that transports an array of important cargo all across the nation. They are especially noted for transporting hazardous materials and chemicals, two things that can make for a disastrous accident should one of the drivers crash. As a result of this dangerous cargo, US Xpress has a responsibility to hire only drivers with extensive experience and training so that everyone on the road is safe on the road with US Xpress. Big trucks like the ones on the road for US Xpress can be very intimidating for other vehicles on the road and sometimes require the help of Los Angeles truck accident attorneys.

Vehicle inspections and Hazmat vehicle inspections are an important part of regulating a business like this for safety. It should be the goal of every company like this to reduce the number of service violations to 0, even if it seems like an impossible standard. When the service violations are negligent and there’s an injury or fatality on the road, it’s usually more serious than in car-to-car or car-to-truck accidents. The reasons are obvious. Not only do US Xpress trucks weigh many times what a car does but they also carry materials that are dangerous by themselves when exposed to open air. The toll from an accident like this can be horrific and most drivers know this and take a greater duty of car when they are on the road with smaller vehicles.

And then there are negligent drivers or aging truck parts and improper maintenance that lead to malfunctions of the large carriers. When an accident is caused by something of this danger, lawyers need to get involved quickly. Why? Because of the dignity of human life is at stake. No one should have to lose their life because a business like US Xpress failed to care for other drivers on the road enough to invest in proper inspections and driver vetting. This includes performing background checks and drug testing on all US Xpress drivers, as well as performing regular inspections and maintenance of vehicles in the fleet.

With over 7,000 trucks to maintain, US Xpress does indeed have a big responsibility on their hands, but they make over $1 billion in revenue per year, more than enough to inspect and maintenance their trucks for the good of everyone in society. If they aren’t forced to do this, there could be still more catastrophic accidents on the road as a result of US Xpress. We don’t want that to happen. Anyone involved in an accident involving a US Xpress truck needs to ask what went wrong. Why did the truck cause the accident? Why was proper maintenance failed to be maintained? What malfunctioned on the truck that might have caused the accident and who was responsible for clearing it to make that ill-fated drive?

These are questions that our lawyers will answer for the court so that they can make a judgment in your favor. These accidents usually result in the loss of one or more precious lives. We’re the voice for those silent victims who lost their lives because a business leader at US Xpress failed to protect the people who work for them AND other drivers on the road. Many times the driver in these accidents also loses their life while they’re working. Sometimes it’s through no fault at all of their own but that of the company who failed to maintenance their large fleet of trucks and make them safe for drivers, too. We have seen this happen in many of our most tragic cases and these are the ones that stay with us. Not only was a hard working person killed because of someone else’s negligence but they had to know in the last few moments of their life that other people were about to die, too. It’s our honor to represent these people in a courtroom and make sure that their good name is cleared and that the people who lost their life in the accident will receive some measure of justice.

If someone you love was the victim of negligence on the part of US Xpress, please call us. We will immediately review your case with a free consultation. Please call or write to us. We’re here to help.